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Embed Canva into Jira and Confluence: 2022 Step by Step Guide

Published: October 27, 2021

Updated: August 19, 2022

Support Team Lead at Alpha Serve
Embed Canva into Jira and Confluence

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With approximately 100 million monthly global users, over 3 billion designs created since launch, and over 500,000 organizations from Small Businesses to Enterprises, Canva is definitely a leader among design and publishing editors. However, to make good use of it (like any other instrument), you need more control. So, why not integrate this powerful tool with the platforms your team uses for managing business-related operations? In this article, we will explore how to embed Canva into Jira and Confluence without a hitch.

What Is Canva And Why It Is A Must-Have Tool For Any Business

Sydney-based Canva was launched in 2013 to facilitate the process of creating images and other graphic designs. Basically, the service is a library of ready-made templates you can easily configure according to your business needs by dragging and dropping various elements, i. e. stock photos, illustrations, and fonts. With the platform, you can easily create quality images for publications on the Internet, presentations, or layouts for printing products. Canva is one of the most popular tools both among ordinary users and professionals of graphic design and digital marketing because of its convenient functionality and capabilities. Even such behemoths as American Airlines, Intel, and PayPal are among its customers, according to the company website.

Needless to say that today, graphic design is a must for any business, as it is a powerful marketing tool that makes it easier to attract and communicate with your audience, and, as a result, sell more and grow. In 2021, no company can exist without social media, ad banners, posters, presentations, flyers, and many other kinds of online and physical publications. And the latter cannot exist without graphic designers. Canva makes the whole process easier as this tool does not require special knowledge or skills to create beautiful and working designs.

Why You Should Integrate Canva With Your Jira And Confluence

To be on the same page, while working on projects, teams share lots of visual content. However, that may require using lots of additional messengers, chat apps, etc., opening new windows, and, as a result, seeking needed links all over the Internet. All that may require additional efforts and eventually harm the overall productivity. Integrating the platforms used for project management or collaboration with Canva will definitely simplify the life of any project team in these terms. However, there are many more reasons why linking these products is a necessity.

For example, design teams can use Canva templates for materials organization and sharing, and marketing teams may add visuals for better content planning and collaboration.

So let’s see how you can benefit from Canva integration with Jira and Confluence, the most popular tools for project management and business-related needs.

Top 5 Reasons To Integrate Canva With Confluence And Jira

  1. To enrich your Jira issues or Confluence pages with visual content. There is no doubt that visual communication results in better outcomes. By sharing presentations, other graphics, and templates with all the interested people you can tell complex things easier, make your messages and ideas clear and save a lot of time for your colleagues, as people are able to process visual materials 60,000 times faster than text.
  2. To let your team or customers see what you’re working on. When you need to show any kind of visual work to your teammates, you can simply insert your design into the appropriate page and be sure that all your colleagues have access to the document in one click and can give feedback on the same page.
  3. To let team members collaborate with each other. When multiple people work on the same design at the same time, it is much easier to communicate and manage the processes if you have the design in question and a space for conversation in one place.
  4. Control over changes. As all the iterations are loaded in real-time in the Jira issue or on the Confluence page, all the persons involved can see the changes without additional links and sharing efforts.
  5. Share your Canva designs with a wide audience without logging into Canva. You can easily show your designs to your customers, partners, colleagues, and other interested people with no account on by configuring access parameters.
Integrate Canva with Jira and Confluence

How To Add Your Canva Designs To Confluence And Jira

You can add your Canva designs to Confluence or Jira with ease if you have the appropriate tools. We have developed two plugins that help you quickly link Canva with your business management tool of choice. Canva for Jira and Canva for Confluence are pioneering apps on the market that make it possible to seamlessly integrate the products.

Canva for Jira is an ultimate product for tasks visualization. It allows teams to share Canva presentations, infographics, UI/UX templates, invoices, social media posts, banners, and other graphic publications with each other, customers, and other interested third parties. We have added a Preview option to the plugin for you to see what images are inserted into the Jira issue. It is convenient to see the whole picture by opening shared Canva designs in a new window.

Canva for Confluence, in its turn, makes it easy to insert any of your Canva designs to Confluence, as well as reshape or resize them to meet your page structure and layout. You can always choose to hide Canva elements when printing your Confluence page with the No Print option. If you need to show your Confluence page to a wide audience, simply select to provide anonymous access to shared Canva designs.

Both plugins have free trials which means you can test their functionality for 30 days just for nothing. The Cloud versions of Canva for Confluence and Canva for Jira apps are free for small teams up to 10 users.
Now we will show how you can quickly and easily add your Canva designs to your Jira and Confluence pages.

Embed Canva Into Confluence: Steps To Follow

Step 1. Install the Canva for Confluence plugin into the Confluence instance.

The whole process will take just a few minutes. All you need to do is to find Canva for Confluence by entering its name in the Confluence Cloud Find new apps section. Click Try it free to start the trial version of the product. The new window will open with the links to Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use. If you agree, tap the Start free trial button to confirm your choice. When the installation is finished, you will get a notification. Alternatively, you can install the plugin from the official product page in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Install Canva for Confluence
Step 2. Create the desired graphics in Canva or find the ready one you want to add to your Confluence page.

See tutorials on working with Canva here.

Step 3. Insert your Canva design into the Confluence page.
First, navigate to the desired Confluence page and open it in the Edit mode. Click the Insert icon and enter Canva in the search field, select by clicking on its icon.
Insert your Canva design into the Confluence page
Configuration panel will appear. Insert the Canva URL in the appropriate field, and the new block with your Canva design will be added to your Confluence page.
Embed Canva into the Confluence page
To get the required Canva URL, simply open Canva and click on the All Designs section on the left panel. Hover over the design you want to embed to your Confluence page and click on the ellipsis at the upper right corner. In the menu that appears select Get a shareable link and it will be automatically added to your computer data buffer.
Get Canva URL to insert Insert into Confluence
Step 4. Adjust your Canva design on the Confluence page according to your special needs.

In the Canva for Confluence panel, you can configure such parameters as width, height, and border style. If you do not want to see the Canva design when the page is printed, you can select the No print option. And if you wish to provide access to your Canva design to anonymous users, simply check the box next to the Anonymous Access field.
Adjust your Canva design on the Confluence page
Step 5. Save the changes.

If you are ready to share your work, choose to publish the Confluence page. And if you need to edit it in the future, just close, and all the changes will be saved in the draft.
Your Canva design on the Confluence page
Step 6. Edit your design.

When you want to make any changes to your Canva design, simply go to Canva and edit the element appropriately. All changes will be automatically applied to the embedded design in Confluence.

If you do not want to see the changes on your Confluence page, simply duplicate your design in Canva and edit the copy of the initial design.

Embed Canva Into Jira: Steps To Follow

Step 1. Install the Canva for Jira plugin into the Jira instance.

Click on the Jira dropdown menu and choose to Find new apps. When the Find new apps screen appears, enter Canva for Jira in the search box and click on the product’s icon. Select Try it free in the opened App Details window. The installation will start automatically.

Alternatively, you can add the plugin directly from its page in the Atlassian Marketplace. Simply click on the Try it free button in the upper right corner.
Install Canva for Jira
Step 2. Create the desired graphics in Canva or find the ready one you want to add to Jira.

See tutorials on how to create templates and designs with Canva here.

Step 3. Insert your Canva design into a Jira ticket.

Open the ticket you want to add your Canva design to and click on the ellipsis next to the Link issue button. You will see a drop-down menu. Select Canva for Jira and insert the URL of the desired design.
Insert your Canva design into a Jira ticket
To get the Canva URL, follow the procedure described in Step 3 of the Embed Canva Into Confluence section.

When ready, click Add.
Embed Canva into a Jira ticket
You can add as many designs to your Jira issues or tickets as you wish.
Embed Canva into Jira
If you want to see how your design will be shown in Jira, click on the Preview icon.

When you want to delete your Canva design, simply click on the Delete icon.
Preview Canva designs in Jira
You can also remove the Canva from the ticket, by clicking the ellipsis and selecting the Hide Canva for Jira option from the drop-down menu.
Hide Canva design from Jira ticket
Please note, all changes you make to the design in Canva are instantly reflected in Jira.

Final Words

As you can see from the article, companies may benefit greatly from the Canva and Jira or Canva and Confluence integration, as today’s business life cannot be imagined without graphic design, and lots of visual content is shared among the teams. Canva is the globe’s fastest-growing design platform and a tool of choice for many companies because it has a convenient drag and drop approach and requires no professional skills to make beautiful visuals. This means, adding it to the platforms used for project management and other business-related platforms will open new opportunities to the teams, let them be on the same page, and on the whole make their lives better.

Our Canva for Jira plugin allows the users to use graphics to visualize UI/IX for the applications or software, manage tasks for the design projects, prepare events, and attach any other graphic content. And Canva for Confluence will help teams to share social media, business or marketing graphics, or educational content, as well as create knowledge bases with illustrations and share it with others.