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Passionate About Products

Using Atlassian products as an integral part of our software development business for 8 years, we became well-versed in covering the lack of functionality by developing our own custom applications;

Our team is a highly competent team in data extraction and transition, that is why we’ve developed BI integration apps for Atlassian, Shopify, and Magento platforms allowing companies to get the maximum value out of their business data;

We ensure the highest level of security for all of our applications. We participate in Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program and have a completed Cloud Security Self-assessment;

We provide professional support by various means, including telephone, service desk, email;

We constantly improve our products based on users’ feedback and requirements. New releases are deployed on a regular basis to ensure compatibility and good app performance.

Meet Our Products

Valued solutions for businesses that work with sensitive data, have strict non-disclosure commitments, or consider information one of the key aspects of their business model
Apps for convenient business intelligence integrations, data export and bulk editing in your Shopify store
App for your ServiceNow data export into Microsoft Power BI
Apps for convenient data export from Zendesk to your favorite BI tool
Apps for convenient data export from to your favorite BI tool
Apps for seamless QuickBooks Online data export into BI tools
Apps for your e-commerce data export into various BI Tools
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