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Default Shopify export capabilities are limited, thus it is challenging for the store owner to segment customers for personalized offers, run TABCD inventory analytics or prepare email marketing campaigns, etc.

Custom data export helps eCommerce businesses run effective marketing campaigns, implement necessary inventory, pricing or stock improvements, and build professional Shopify reports.

With Exportier - Data Export app you can extend Shopify export possibilities by exporting an unlimited amount of data from all fields in Orders, Products, Customers and many other key segments in the preferred format, CSV or Excel.

A number of useful ready-made templates save time for your Shopify data export. Select from more than 20 pre-built Shopify reports for your E-commerce analytics.

Key Features

  • Ready Templates
    Use templates for Shopify data export which include pre-selected fields needed for your Shopify report. It is possible to use the existing templates, such as Shopify export Orders, Products etc, edit them or create and save new ones based on your business needs.
  • Customized Data Export
    Select fields to specify the data to be included in your Shopify reports. Apply filters to select the relevant data and narrow the export data range. Run you Shopify CSV export easily using such filters as items with reduced price only, products by vendor, products by tag etc.
  • Scheduled Export
    Save time for data preparation with automated scheduled export. Configure the export scheduler for daily/weekly/monthly automatic data export. Set up the criteria and get the needed Shopify excel export or Shopify CSV export regularly to a certain time.
  • Google Drive and FTP Storage
    In addition to saving you Shopify reports inside Exportier - Data Export app, you can set up integrations with external storage providers to upload Shopify export files directly to Google Drive and FTP. Access your Shopify reports anywhere and anytime.

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Variety of Formats
Export data in .csv and .xlsx formats for further use in Shopify reporting and analysis.
Export from All Fields
Extract Shopify data from all fields in the key segments of your online store.
Email Notification
Get an email notification when Shopify reports preparation is ready.
Unlimited Data
Export unlimited number of rows and store Shopify data export files in Google Drive/FTP.

Shopify reports templates

Customers Templates:
  • Customers in the last 30 days
  • Customers that spend less than 100$
  • Customers that accept marketing
  • All customers / New customers this month
Orders Templates:
  • Orders in the last 7 days / of the current month
  • Unfulfilled orders
  • Unpaid / Unshipped orders
Products Templates:
  • Active products / All products
  • Out-of-stock products
As well as Draft Orders, Collections, Tender Transactions, Inventory templates, Bank accounts and many others.

List of fields, available for export

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Inventory Items
  • Product Variants
  • Draft Orders
  • Tender Transactions
  • Bank Accounts
  • Disputes
  • Payouts
  • Collections
See the full list here.
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Exportier - Data Export is a Way to Deliver Required Data for Shopify Custom Reports
Explore the power of Shopify data export with a practical solution
Use Shopify Report Templates when you don’t feel like creating a report structure from the scratch. Report templates are designed considering the best e-commerce practice for data analytics and are based on the most widely used Shopify data export requests.
Seeking Well-Structured Shopify Report Templates to Save Time?
Extract Shopify store data to CSV / Excel formats and import it to any tools you need, for business processes or complex analysis. Schedule automated Shopify data export to a convenient date and time. Export your Shopify reports directly to Google Drive or FTP Server to access them anytime.
Need to Automate Shopify Data Export to CSV / Excel?
The intuitive Exportier interface makes exporting data from your Shopify Store as easy as possible without programming skills. Narrow the data range, add filters, and specify field selection simply by ticking relevant checkboxes.
Need to Widen Default Shopify Data Export Without Additional Efforts?




    • Unlimited reports
    • Up to 50 rows per export
    • Up to 3 export files stored in Exportier
    • Monthly Export Scheduler


    • Unlimited reports
    • Up to 500 rows per export
    • Up to 10 export files stored in Exportier
    • Monthly/weekly export Scheduler


    • Unlimited reports
    • Unlimited rows per export
    • Up to 500 export files stored in Exportier
    • Monthly/weekly/daily export scheduler

    For big enterprise businesses seeking advanced support service

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