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Exportier ‑ Data Export

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Your store contains numerous data, and the ability to export and analyze it opens new opportunities for business growth. Exportier - Data Export allows you to export data from all fields in the key segments:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Inventory Items
  • Product Variants
  • Draft Orders
  • Tender Transactions
  • Bank Accounts
  • Disputes
  • Payouts

The application allows exporting data to CSV(.csv) and Excel(.xlsx) formats for further use and analysis or import to BI tools.
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Key Features

Friendly User Interface
Convert your Shopify store data to CSV or Excel easily. Create and manage Shopify reports in a simple and intuitive mode.
Customize Your Exports
Select fields to specify the data to be included in your export. Export only the data you need using various filters.
Scheduled Export
Save time for data preparation with automated scheduled export. Set up the criteria and get the needed Shopify data regularly to a certain time.
Check out Exportier - Data Export Documentation for more details





Number of Rows
Up to 50 rows per export
Up to 500 rows per export
Unlimited rows per export
Number of Data Sources
1 Data Source
5 Data Sources
Unlimited Data Sources
Number of Stored Export Files
Up to 3 export files stored in Exportier
Up to 10 export files stored in Exportier
Unlimited export files stored in Exportier
Monthly Export Scheduler
Weekly Export Scheduler
Daily Export Scheduler
Exportier - Data Export | Alpha Serve
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