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Tableau Shopify integration app for easy data export. Gather and visualize your actual data from Shopify Store in Tableau for consolidating analytics and reporting.

Tableau Connector for Shopify

Power BI Connector for Jira
Tableau Connector for Shopify is an application that allows you to easily export key Shopify data to Tableau for further visualization and analytics.

Shopify store owners and managers can now create custom reports in minutes and easily analyze their eCommerce store data to make corrections in assortment, pricing, and customer offers accordingly.

Tableau Shopify Connector is developed for users who don't have any special skills, as it does not require any additional competence to start using it.

Empower Shopify Reporting with Tableau Integration

Create Shopify reports effortlessly with a no-code Tableau Shopify integration tool

Find Tableau Connector for Shopify on the Shopify App Store and install it on your Shopify Store.
Create Data Source
Create a data source and select the required Shopify data for export. Copy the data source URL generated by the Tableau Connector for Shopify.
Import Data
Paste the previously generated URL using OData Feed or Web Data Connector.
Build Reports
Now you can start building Shopify reports and dashboards using Tableau visualizations.

Key Features

No-code Integration
Navigate the app without complicated coding or technical skills. Any User can easily create a data source and export required data from Shopify Store to Tableau for further analytics and reporting.
Custom Reporting
Create reports based on selective data required for a specific report. Use an advanced filtering system to control the quantity and quality of data you need to export for your custom reports.
Multiple Data Sources
Create multiple data sources to export various data ranges. Connect your Shopify store data with other data sources, like CRM for helicopter view.

Various Tables and Fields
Have the access to the majority of fields and tables from your Shopify store. Create reports, dashboards, and visualizations in Tableau based on any data related to Products, Customers, Orders, etc.
Scheduled Data Export
Schedule automated data export to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server to get the latest and fullest data for consistent Shopify KPIs tracking and improved Shopify store performance. Set up refresh depending on your preferences.
Automated Data Relationship
Tableau Shopify Connector simplifies data management with automated connections and correlations between tables. Check Entity Relationship Diagram for a better understanding.
Tableau Connector on Shopify App Store
Download Tableau Connector from the Shopify App Store.


Tables Available for Export

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Product Variants
  • Inventory items
  • Orders
  • Draft Orders
  • Custom Collection
  • Smart Collections
  • Product Images
  • Metafields
  • Balance
  • Transactions
  • Payouts
  • Disputes
Each table contains various fields for export into Tableau Software.

Why Trust Us

Tableau Shopify Connector allows acquiring actual and detailed information for informed strategic decisions. Now you can measure Shopify KPIs and increase your online store margin and profit with transparent reporting.
Proven performance with seamless workflow and no impact on your online store.
Alpha Serve adheres to a strict policy for ensuring the security and data privacy.
shopify support
High-level Support Services to all our customers who need help with our application.


14-day free trial

  • 2 Data Sources
  • 5000 rows per table
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly/Daily updates
  • Data filtering


14-day free trial

  • 5 Data Sources
  • Unlimited rows
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly/Daily updates
  • Automated Continuous updates
  • Data filtering


14-day free trial

  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Unlimited rows
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly/Daily updates
  • Automated Continuous updates
  • Data filtering

We help our customers to develop their eCommerce business rapidly and successfully.
Case Study 1
Generate Order reports based on individual or combined data sources.
Centralize all Shopify data sources for comprehensive reporting and visualize data in a single dashboard with the ability to filter results for individual Order reports.
Improved Order management by proper tracking of key metrics such as total orders, canceled orders and orders placed on a specific date from all and individual stores. Increased profit by 7% and purchasing frequency by 25%.
Case Study 2
As a Shopify Store owner with no technical skills to create custom reports.
Integrate Tableau and Shopify with the no-code solution that will automate data export processes for creating accurate custom reports in minutes.
Increased profit margin from 3% to 8% in 6 months due to budget adjustments made after cost-saving on hiring a specialist for reporting and budget redirection to optimize store performance.
Case Study 3
Automate weekly Inventory reports across multiple Shopify stores.
Analyze Shopify data with the BI tool that can easily sync Inventory data across multiple channels and stores and schedule automatic data updates.
30 % revenue growth by improving Inventory calculations and eliminating human errors in reporting. Minimized stockout dates for 87% of the products.

Your Opinion Matters

We are actively taking feedback from Users to continually improve our products. Check all reviews from our valuable customers and let us know your experience of using Tableau Connector for Shopify
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