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Looker Connector for Jira by Alpha Serve

Seamlessly export data from Jira to Looker Studio and build comprehensive Jira reports and dashboards in minutes.

Looker Studio Connector for Jira

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The Looker Studio Connector for Jira is your reliable solution for no-code and seamless Jira Cloud data export for further analysis. Our Looker Studio Jira Connector seamlessly integrates Looker Studio's dynamic data analytics capabilities with Jira's project management system, creating a powerful synergy for your organization.

Gain a comprehensive view of your Jira projects, track progress, and identify trends — all with direct Looker Studio Jira integration.

Generate customized reports tailored to your team's specific needs, ensuring concise and actionable insights using an intuitive interface and advanced functionalities.

Automate data management processes, reducing manual intervention and errors.

Actionable Jira Reports with Ultimate Solution for Jira Looker Studio Integration

Collect, analyze and share Jira data effortlessly with a no-code Looker Studio Jira integration tool

Find Looker Studio Connector for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace and install it on your Jira Instance being Jira Cloud Admin.
Create Access Token
Create your token by accessing Looker Studio Connector inside your Jira Cloud instance and use it as a password while connecting to Looker Studio.
Create Data Source
Create a data source and select the required Jira data. Copy the data source URL generated by the app and paste it into Looker Studio.
Build Reports
Authorize, connect, and start building informative Jira dashboards in Looker Studio.

Key Features

No-Code Integration
Looker Studio Connector for Jira allows you to configure connections, map data fields, set up and manage the integration without delving into programming languages or complex configurations.
Comprehensive Jira Data Export
Export various Jira fields, including Custom, History, and Agile data. Extract data from popular Atlassian Marketplace apps such as Tempo Timesheets, Projektrak, Xray, Time in Status, Zephyr Scale, etc.
Flexible Filtering Options
Utilize a range of filtering features, from Basic filters for quick insights to powerful JQL (Jira Query Language) filters for advanced Jira data refinement.

Unlimited Data Export
Create unlimited Data Sources across all Jira Projects. The Looker Studio Connector provides an efficient architecture that ensures a seamless export in minutes and with no impact on system performance.
Automated Data Relationships
Jira Looker Studio Connector app provides the correct automated construction of relationships between tables, including Jira custom fields and supported add-ons.
Permission & Sharing Controls
Configure permission settings to manage Jira data access and sharing, ensuring data security and compliance. Define access based on user roles, maintaining the security of sensitive Jira data.


Discover Our Full Range of Advanced BI Connectors for Jira

Extend Jira Data Analysis with Looker Studio Connector

Supported Add-Ons

  • Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio)
  • Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets
  • Insight - Asset Management
  • Projectrak (formerly Profields)
  • Tempo Planner: Resource Planning
  • Tempo Timesheets - Time Tracking & Reports
  • Time to SLA
  • Time in Status
  • Xray Test Management for Jira
  • Zephyr Scale - Test Management for Jira

Why Trust Us

Looker Studio Connector for Jira allows for acquiring actual and detailed information for data-driven enterprises.
Proven performance with seamless workflow and no impact on performance.
Alpha Serve adheres to a strict policy for ensuring the security and data privacy.
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Monthly flat fee
Up to 10 Users
Use the app without any limitations for up to 10 users in your Jira instance.
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Per user/month
11 - 100 users
Use the app without any limitations for up to 100 users in your Jira instance.
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Per user/month
101 - 250 users
Use the app without any limitations for up to 250 users in your Jira instance.
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Per user/month
251 - 1000 users
Use the app without any limitations for up to 1000 users in your Jira instance.
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* The app subscription is required to match the number of users in your Jira instance.
For example:
10 users in Jira instance require 10 users of the app.
100 users in Jira instance require 100 users of the app.
jira looker studio on atlassian marketplace
Install Looker Studio Connector for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace


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