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Connect Jira to Tableau easily. Create custom charts and different reporting options with Tableau Jira integration app.

Tableau Connector for Jira

Power BI Connector for Jira

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Tableau Connector for Jira is an Enterprise-grade app
that enables you to easily extract and transform unstructured Jira data into custom dashboards in Tableau.

As a no-code app for Tableau Jira integration, it provides you the capability to overcome data export challenges by automating processes and not requiring any specific knowledge from the user side.

With Tableau Jira Connector app from Alpha Serve you can export any Jira data, combine it with other data sources, and filter for further analysis and dashboard creation.

Key Features

No-code Integration
It doesn't require any additional competence to start using it. Any user, even without Jira admin skills can create URL connections and easily navigate the app.
Custom Reporting
Build comprehensive Jira reports based on required data. Apply various filters, including Basic or JQL, for custom Jira data export. Build your own data sets to visualize them in Tableau.
Multiple Data Sources
–°reate unlimited data sources across all Jira projects and third-party apps. Centralize data in a single visual by aligning Jira with CRM, SAP, ITSM, etc.

Automated Data Relationships
Jira Tableau Connector app provides the correct automated construction of relationships between tables, including Jira custom fields and supported add-ons.
Scheduled Refresh
Schedule Jira data extraction to keep the connection updated and constantly fetch the latest data in Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Set refresh manually, schedule to a suitable time, or on-demand.
Ensured Data Security
Manage permissions to make the app available for appropriate Jira users. Grant permission to create, edit, watch, and export connectors to ensure data security.


Tableau Connector for Jira Pricing

Calculated for your team size progressively using User tier prices

Starting from
Per year for 10 Users
Monthly flat fee
Starting from
Up to 10 Users
Per year for 50 Users

Uncover Hidden Insights by Connecting Wide Variety of Data Sources into One

Supported Add-Ons

  • Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio)
  • Elements Connect - external data fields
  • Insight - Asset Management
  • R4J - Requirements Management for Jira
  • Tempo Budgets
  • Tempo Planner: Resource Planning
  • Tempo Timesheets - Time Tracking & Reports
  • Time in Status
  • WorklogPRO - Timesheets for Jira
  • Xray Test Management for Jira
  • Zephyr Scale - Test Management for Jira
See the documentation to know more about data export from leading Atlassian Marketplace Apps.
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Why Trust Us

Tableau Connector for Jira meets the following criteria of the Cloud Fortified apps program
data security
Completion of the Security Self-assessment program
Participation in Bug Bounty program.
data reliability
Incident Management
Tracking & monitoring SLIs
Assessed for scale.
customer support
24h support
Participation in Atlassian's 3rd party support escalation.

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