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Alpha Serve releases a significant update for the Tableau and Power BI connector apps

Published: June 17, 2021

Updated: April 26, 2024

Chief Executive Officer in Alpha Serve
The new app version will rebuild and improve the relationship between tables to make work with data much easier.

We at Alpha Serve are committed to creating high-quality products that work steadily, that is why provide scheduled releases and app improvements based on users' feedback.

To ensure effective work with the exported Jira data in BI software like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, it is important to have the correct relationship between tables. This can be done manually by the users on the BI tool side, or automatically if the files are correctly mapped.

In order to provide the correct automated construction of relationships between tables when working with our applications, we have released a significant update that includes important changes to the applications’ structure (V2).

What’s New in V2 of Power BI Connector for Jira and Tableau Connector for Jira?

  • Relationships between most of the tables are defined automatically and mirrored into the Data Model
Power BI Connector for Jira and Tableau Connector for Jira update
  • Custom fields now have a consistent naming pattern and valid relationships with other tables
Power BI and Tableau Connector for Jira update
  • SLA columns can now be found in a separate table
Alpha Serve Tableau / Power BI Connector for Jira update
  • Eliminated some of the data duplicates and fields that can be calculated directly on the Power BI/ Tableau side
  • Fixed various flaws in the data types and wrong values
  • Moved fields with multiple values per 1 issue to the separate tables
  • Improved UI design - added info about high-performance impact field/tables, tables for linking, the actual location of data, etc.

What Does It Mean for the Users?

  • App interface now shows the connectors created before this release (V1) and the newly created connectors (V2)
  • Connectors created earlier during the trial using the old data scheme (V1) are fully supported and will work as usual till the end of the evaluation period
Power BI Connector for Jira update
  • Newly created connectors (V2) will be created with the correct relationships between tables

All current users can work with all the connectors that have been created earlier before the release (V1). Alpha Serve ensures that the export will be working without any changes.

Meanwhile, all connectors created after the release will have the correct data relations between tables and will be seen in the V2 section.

All new customers starting to work with Power BI Connector for Jira and Tableau Connector for Jira will have the V2 version only.
The Cloud versions of these apps are permanently free for small teams up to 10 users.

For detailed guides on how to set up Power BI and Tableau Connectors, please visit the following links:

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