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Connect to Tableau and build comprehensive reports in minutes for data-driven decisions.

Tableau Connector for

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Works with:
Collaborate, summarize information, and work across multiple boards.
The Tableau Connector for is an Enterprise-grade application that provides a seamless data export to Tableau for further reporting and analytics.

This no-code application allows for effortless workspace and Tableau integration, enabling users to generate insightful reports and insightful visualizations requiring no coding skills or technical expertise. With advanced filtering features and automation capabilities, businesses can ensure that their reporting is accurate, data-driven, and up-to-date.

The Tableau Connector for is the perfect solution for companies that want to reduce the time and effort spent on data management and increase their team's productivity.

it works

Find Tableau Connector for on the marketplace. Add it to your Dashboard widgets.
Grant access permissions through API. Create data source. Import data into Tableau.
Select tables and fields you wish to load. Build graphs and dashboards in Tableau based on the imported data.
Install connector
Export data
Build reports

Key Features

No-Code Integration
Connect to Tableau without any coding skills. A user-friendly interface will ensure seamless usability without extensive technical knowledge.
Unlimited Data Export
Export unlimited data to Tableau within minutes and with no impact. Retrieve data from all boards you can access and have no limitations from the app. All Users within the instance can use the Connector.
Custom Data Export
Benefit from the flexibility to select and export specific datasets, columns, or tables from to Tableau, allowing you to tailor reporting and focus on analysis. Apply filters for narrowed data export.

Automated Data Relationships Tableau Connector app automatically establishes and recognizes relationships between different tables and fields, including custom fields, for import into Tableau.
Scheduled Refresh
Schedule data extract for building reports and dashboards in Tableau Server or Tableau Online based on actual data. Set refresh manually, schedule to a suitable time or on-demand.
Ensured Data Security
The Connector does not access, collect, or store any customers' information. All web requests are encrypted, digitally signed, authenticated, and authorized. It applies data access restrictions by boards and workspaces.


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Take data analysis to the next level with Tableau Connector for

Drill down and analyze your data in Tableau to make sense of complex data in minutes.
The Tableau Connector for provides advanced features to create custom reports. It offers basic filters that enable you to effortlessly sort and filter data to generate reports tailored to your unique requirements.

Customize reporting

Tableau Connector auto-generates URL for no-code connection between two tools. The automated data refresh in Tableau eliminates the necessity of manual effort in order to keep your data up-to-date, thus providing a time-saving alternative that allows you to focus on analyzing and interpreting the data.

Automate data export

By centralizing your data and unifying with other data sources in one place, you'll have access to one source of truth and easily analyze critical information. With seamless integration between and Tableau, you can effortlessly retrieve voluminous data related to Workspaces, Boards, Items, Teams, Users, Groups, Tags, Updates, and much more.

Unifiy data in one source data source customized report data export Data Available for Export

At the moment, the output of the following tables is being logged:
  • Items
  • Subitems
  • Activity Logs
  • Users
  • Teams
  • Boards
  • Folders
  • Groups
  • Workspaces
  • Tags
  • Updates


Up to 10 seats
Free / forever
  • Use the app without any limitations for up to 10 team members in your account.
Up to 50 seats
$50 / month
  • Use the app without any limitations for up to 50 team members in your account.
Up to 100 seats
$100 / month
  • Use the app without any limitations for up to 100 team members in your account.

Up to 250 seats
$230 / month
  • Use the app without any limitations for up to 250 team members in your account.
Up to 750 seats
$400 / month
  • Use the app without any limitations for up to 750 team members in your account.
Up to 2500 seats
$800 / month
  • Use the app without any limitations for up to 2500 team members in your account.
$1200 / month
  • Use the app without any limitations and with unlimited team members in your account.

Save with yearly billed subscription!

* The app subscription seats are required to match your subscription seats.
For example:
10 seats of require 10 seats of the app.
100 seats of require 100 seats of the app.


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