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About Alpha Serve
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About Us

Alpha Serve is a software development company that develops enterprise-grade solutions and BI connectors to help companies from all over the world increase their performance and optimize business processes. We contribute reliable and large-scale tools for leading products on multiple platforms, including e-Commerce. There is a great list of products developed for Atlassian, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Shopify, and Our main goal is to become the leading multi-platform app developer for professional enterprise software.

Our Mission

To provide companies of all sizes and industries with enterprise-grade solutions that will help them to solve their custom needs in day-to-day business processes.
Our Story



Alpha Serve was established in 2003 as a small software development outsourcing company in Ukraine, primarily focusing on back-end development. 


First Product Launch

With 15 years of experience, Alpha Serve evolved into a leading product company. Upon the client's request to develop a custom application in the field of secure authentication solutions that would cater to their specific business needs, Alpha Serve decided to go further and develop its first applications, 2FA for Jira and 2FA for Confluence, and present them to the Atlassian Marketplace, resulting in Alpha Serve being officially recognized as an Atlassian Marketplace Partner.


Released Our Top-Rated BI Connector

With extensive knowledge of Jira from the user side, Alpha Serve developed a tool for convenient Jira Power BI integration with a high level of authentication security. 
Shortly, our Power BI Connector for Jira became one of the fastest-growing apps on the Atlassian Marketplace and was recognized by the leading enterprises, governments, and education worldwide to run the most critical parts of their data management.


Joined Shopify Ecosystem

In 2020, Alpha Serve presented two products on the Shopify App Store, Power BI Connector for Shopify and Tableau Connector for Shopify, firmly establishing itself as one of the most trusted and reliable Shopify App Store Developer. This marked a major milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality business intelligence solutions enabling our eCommerce customers to increase their Shopify store's margin and profit with transparent reporting.


Became Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner

In 2021 Alpha Serve launched six new applications to the Atlassian Marketplace, and 5 of them were granted Cloud Fortified status as they have met the highest standards in terms of security and reliability. Moreover, our BI Connectors have seen a significant increase in active installations, reaching a total of 2,500.

All these accomplishments ultimately led to Alpha Serve's upgrade to Silver Marketplace Partner status with Atlassian, solidifying us as a trusted partner in the world's leading software development platform.

January 2022

Upgrading to the Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner

We received a Silver Partner status from Atlassian and upgraded it to Gold just half a year later.

This accomplishment is a testament to the quality of our products and our dedication to the customers. Our priority is to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their needs. This commitment to quality has enabled us to achieve our customers' expectations and become a trusted partner of Atlassian.

May 2022

Developed ServiceNow and Oracle Analytics Products

Alpha Serve's US Subsidiary acSoft joined the ServiceNow ecosystem as a Technology Partner and announced its first ServiceNow application Power BI Connector for ServiceNow on the ServiceNow Store. 

With deep Jira data knowledge and an understanding of the best solution architecture for Jira BI Connectors, Alpha Serve developed Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira to the Atlassian Marketplace.

June 2022

OWASP Membership

We are happy to announce that since June 2022 Alpha Serve is now a Silver Corporate Member of OWASP.

It is one more step to highlight our company's focus on application security and the implementation of global best practices for secure software development.

July 2022

Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner

We are glad to announce Alpha Serve’s new status as a Platinum Partner on the Atlassian Marketplace. With this, we have attained the highest possible status in Atlassian’s Marketplace Partner Program, recognizing us as a high-performing developer well-aligned with Atlassian’s objectives.

August 2022

Release of Two BI Connectors for Zendesk

Alpha Serve joined Zendesk Marketplace with an enterprise-grade solution to help Zendesk clients to deliver a greater customer experience. Power BI Connector for Zendesk will help businesses to widen their data landscape and generate deeper insights for timely decision-making by providing seamless integration that is easy to operate.

The second BI Connector for Zendesk Support is Tableau Connector for Zendesk. It is one more enterprise-grade app from Alpha Serve that allows users to build a data visualization in Tableau based on Zendesk Support data.

October 2022

Release of SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira

Alpha Serve is glad to announce the release of the SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira. This new Connector adds to the growing list of Jira Cloud Connectors from Alpha Serve. This new project is part of Alpha Serve's continual effort to help customers who manage their projects in Jira and use SAP Analytics Cloud as a vital planning and decision-making tool.

December 2022

Alpha Serve in Zurich for ServiceNow World Forum

Alpha Serve was delighted to participate in ServiceNow World Forum in Zurich, Switzerland where more than 500 community members gathered to discuss the future of innovations, technologies and opportunities within ServiceNow ecosystem.

To Be Continued

Stay Tuned

Our Products

Our applications provide users with the ability to leverage actual data to improve performance, create complex reporting models and benefit from no-code integrations that will automate data management processes such as data extraction and transformation, allowing users to focus on analyzing and planning for greater efficiency.

Alpha Serve Product Portfolio

Alpha Serve has already introduced a wide range of top-rated products for industry-leading ecosystems. Our product portfolio consists of the following:

  • BI Connector Apps that seamlessly integrate top BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, BigQuery, SAP, and Oracle Analytics with different software like Atlassian, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Shopify, and
  • Security Apps that ensure secure two-factor authentication with U2F and TOTP support and flexible configuration. We also provide an innovative password manager designed explicitly for Jira users, further strengthening your data security.
  • E-Commerce Apps to improve Shopify store sales and profit and facilitates the development of entirely new marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses.
  • Integration Apps to easily integrate key Atlassian products (Jira & Confluence) with other well-known tools and services.
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Team Members

Happy Customers


Meet Alpha Serve Executive Team

Outstanding results would never be possible without a great team. That is why Alpha Serve has always been investing in people development and performance management. The majority of the Alpha Serve core team joined in the beginning of our business journey, and we are really proud to keep on finding the best opportunities for their professional growth.

We strongly believe that leadership and teams make a difference in business.
  • Anton Storozhuk
    Founder & CEO
    Master of Computer Science
    IT Entrepreneur with 20 + years of experience
  • Anna Odrynska
    Chief Strategy Officer and Co-owner
    Master of International Management
    10+ years in corporate processes and project management
  • Kateryna Fulitka
    HR Manager
    Master of Philology
    7+ years of experience in human resource management
  • Liubov Topchyi
    Head of Customer Support
    ISTQB Certification
    10+ years experience in Software testing and QA background together
  • Khrystyna Shparyk
    Business Development & Partnership Manager
    PhD in International Economics
    3+ years of experience in Sales and Business Development

We Are Really Proud of Our Customers

Alpha Serve Partnership

ServiceNow Build Partner
ServiceNow Build Partner
Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner
Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner
Shopify App Store Developer
Shopify App Store Developer
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