Manage Product SEO Attributes and Pricing to Get More Clients

Edited‑Bulk Product Management by Alpha Serve

Use bulk edits to apply changes quickly.

Edited‑Bulk Product Management

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If you have numerous items in your Shopify store product portfolio, you need a simple and easy-to-use tool for bulk product management. Editing separate items of product groups can be really time-consuming, and this is where Edited - Bulk Product Management can be extremely useful.

This is especially important for the SEO of your assortment, as it has a direct impact on your potential sales. Correct SEO attributes will allow you to get more key customers from organic search and higher conversion rates.

Edited - Bulk Product Management allows you to:

  • Select the necessary items and product groups for bulk changes with convenient filtering options
  • Edit the following attributes in bulk: Meta title, Meta Description, Human URL
  • Preview the changes to be sure that everything you need is applied correctly

Key Features

Manage Time Efficiently
Don’t spend time to edit the Shopify product portfolio. Apply filters and combine the search parameters to find the items you need.
Control Your Portfolio Edits
Filter the items easily. Use the preview to apply the necessary changes only. Save the editing history and revert the changes back quickly.
Flexible SEO Templates Setup
Manage your key SEO attributes easily to make your portfolio more visible to the potential buyers. Use bulk edits to apply changes quickly.
Check out Edited‑Bulk Product Management Documentation for more details




Number of bulk edits per month
15 bulk edits per month
Unlimited bulk edits per month
30 days backups
Unlimited time backups
Unlimited products per task
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