Power BI Connector | Explore and analyze your ecommerce data with Power BI

Gather and visualize your actual information for informed strategic decisions

Business intelligence tools help businesses turn hard data into insights that are actionable. Our application widens the data environment by connecting your inventory to your actual Power BI system as a data source.

To accelerate prompt choice-making and keep emphasis, you can have all of your eCommerce details on a single interface. Members of the team monitor operation using Power BI and review performance to determine the overall company outcomes. With this framework, you can build a Data Source and add any tables and fields you want to examine in your Power BI Dashboard.
Key Features
Create multiple data sources and bring your e-commerce data to life. Keep all your data together to create actionable insights.
Explore & analyze your data
Create rich, interactive reports, data dashboards and visualizations in minutes to explore data with visual reports.
Turn insights into action
Translate Data into information to plan for future business strategies. Improve efficiency within your organization and, as a result, increase productivity.
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