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Power BI Connectors

Enterprise-grade Power BI data connectors with proven scalability and performance and the highest data security.

Trusted by more than 5000 companies from all over the world. Get your software professionally connected to Power BI!
Building complex corporate reporting is important for any business regardless of size, location or industry.

Using professional software in business operations has already become the best practice in business workflow optimization and process improvements. CRM, ERP, ITSM, and Project management software used in daily operations contain numerous and priceless data for business analytics.

Power BI is the leading BI software used all over the world to build reports and dashboards in order to vizualize business results and find opportunities. For businesses using Power BI, it is crucial to have convenient and useful Power BI integration with other software to be able easily to fetch data and see real-time reporting.

Power BI Connectors from Alpha Serve are professional enterprise-grade solutions with proven security and performance. Each Power BI Connector provides seamless Power BI integration of your software enabling easy-to-use and secure data export.

With Power BI Connectors you can build any Power BI corporate reports you need including company annual reports or Power BI sales dashboards easily and have all data sources connected to Power BI.

Meet Our Power BI Connectors List

Power BI Connector for Jira
Professional Power BI Jira connector from Alpha Serve provides a seamless Jira Power BI integration for a simple and user friendly data export. Connect your Jira to Power BI in a minute and start building any Jira custom reports you need in Power BI based on Jira data export.
Power BI Connector for ServiceNow
The first enterprise app for a convenient ServiceNow Power BI integration which allows to easily fetch ServiceNow data to Power BI for further analytics and visualization.
Easy configuration makes it possible to fit your ServiceNow system without assistance of ServiceNow consultant.
Power BI Connector for Shopify
A fully managed Shopify Power BI integration app that allows you to easily manage your Shopify data export to Microsoft Power BI and build any of the Shopify professional reports that you need for your E-commerce business.
Power BI Connector for Zendesk
The first enterprise-grade app for convenient Power BI Zendesk integration. It makes Zendesk data export to Power BI easy and simple. You can build any Zendesk reports that you need in Power BI and share them without a hassle.
Power BI Connector for
An enterprise-grade app to explore and analyze unlimited data in Power BI. No-code Power BI integration provides a seamless and automated data export. You can build complex reporting based on actual data and use filters to customize reporting.
Power BI Connector for
Transform your QuickBooks data analysis with the Power BI Connector, an advanced integration app that simplifies data export without requiring any coding. Dive into extensive reporting based on real-time data, and harness the power of filters to tailor your insights according to your requirements.