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#1 Jira Password Management app. Unified control over your company’s passwords

Vault Password Manager

Vault Password Manager for Jira
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Vault Password Manager is an Enterprise-grade app that helps agile teams securely store and manage confidential credentials within their daily work tool - Jira.

Vault Password Manager is focused primarily on the security of corporate passwords and other types of credentials, enabling companies to store, manage and track confidential information within Jira securely.

Companies of all sizes are offered centralized administration, secure data exchange between employees, and authorized quick access to Vaults on any Jira page from anywhere.

Securely Manage Credentials with Jira Password Manager App

Manage all your access and accounts from anywhere with a single point of control inside your Jira instance

Install Vault Password Manager from Atlassian Marketplace on your Jira Instance.
Set Account Password
Create an Account Password to your account as an additional security layer to your current Jira password.
Create Vaults
Create unlimited personal and shared vaults for individual access or to share with required Jira users or groups.
Manage Vaults
Based on the access level, users are able to view, edit, and share vault details and settings.


Key Features

Additional Security
Additional security layers for password storage: in addition to your basic Jira login security, each user account is protected by a personal password to the Vault account.
Password Generator
The built-in password generator creates long, randomized passwords with copy-paste capabilities.
Variety of Credentials
Vault provides users with the capability to select the type of record to be created, be it a login, password, secure note, software license, credit card, API credentials and more.

Unlimited Vaults
Create unlimited Personal Vaults with individual access or unlimited shared vaults to share with relevant users or groups in Jira. When the user leaves the company, the access will be lost together with the Jira account.
Password Recovery
A user who has forgotten the Vault account password and Recovery Key may request Jira admin to initiate the password recovery process. A link will be sent via email mentioned in the Jira admin account.
The auto-logout feature enhances security by monitoring idle sessions and automatically logging users out after a period of inactivity.

Unify Control Over Your Team's Passwords with the Enterprise Password Manager in Jira

Organized Credentials
Your company’s encrypted space for all accounts, passwords, notes, payment cards and more. Create personal or team Vaults easily, manage all credentials in Jira, and look for passwords from anywhere.
Secure Password Sharing
Safely share passwords with Jira users and groups to make accounts’ access convenient for your team. Easy one-to-one and one-to-many sharing inside Jira instead of insecure sending via email or messenger.
Secure Password Storage
Store all your passwords securely and organize them for easy access and management in a single, secure location. Vault Password Manager reduces risk vulnerability by offering encrypted storage and additional security level.

Types of Credentials

  • Login
  • Password
  • Secure Note
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Account
  • API Credentials
  • Software License
  • Email Address
  • Database
  • SSH Key
  • Wireless Router
See the documentation to learn more about the types and pre-defined field configurations available for creating vaults.
Take Password Security to the Vault Level
Vault Password Manager Protects Credentials in Jira without Compromise
  • AES Algorithm
    Vault Password Manager uses AES-256 bit encryption algorithm to protect sensitive data. This algorithm uses a combination of symmetric key cryptography and blocks cipher mode to encrypt and decrypt the data, which makes it ideal for enterprises that require a high level of security.
  • Built with Forge
    As the app is built with Forge, it provides best-in-class security, making it a critical part of Atlassian's trust and security model. Hosting highly sensitive data within the Atlassian cloud through Forge eliminates the security threat. Furthermore, Forge employs OAuth 2.0 to guarantee that apps don’t access data they shouldn’t access at any given moment.
  • OAuth 2.0 for External Storage
    Jira admin can connect external storage where all encrypted user data and password recovery data will be stored, this storage can be AWS S3 or Cloud storage such as Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox. Vault Password manager implements OAuth 2.0 authorization for external storage providers.
Up to 10 user
monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users
per user/month
101 - 250 users
per user/month
251 - 1000 users
per user/month
1001 - 2500 users
per user/month
2501 - 5000
per user/month
* The app subscription is required to match the number of users in your Jira instance.
For example:
10 users in Jira instance require 10 users of the app.
100 users in Jira instance require 100 users of the app.


  • Platinum Marketplace Partner
    Platinum Marketplace Partner
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  • Silver Solution Partner
    Silver Solution Partner
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vault on atlassian marketplace
Install Vault Password Manager from the Atlassian Marketplace


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