#1 Jira Password Management app. Unified control over your company’s passwords

Vault - Password Manager

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Store all passwords effortlessly inside Jira and share them with other Users and Groups
Manage Passwords from Jira
Manage all your access and accounts from anywhere with a single point of control inside your Jira instance.
Create Secured Password
Create better passwords and make your accounts less vulnerable. Each user account is protected by a personal Master Password.
Control Access
Any record can be securely shared within a team or with certain Jira users or groups. Manage access permissions based on Jira user roles.
Save Money
No need to subscribe to more external management services and pay for each user. Optimal pricing depending on your team size.
Organized Credentials
Your company’s encrypted space for all accounts, passwords, notes, payment cards and more. Create personal or team Vaults easily, manage all credentials in Jira, and look for passwords from anywhere.
Secure Sharing
Safely share passwords with Jira users and groups to make accounts’ access convenient for your team. Easy one-to-one and one-to-many sharing inside Jira instead of insecure sending via email or messenger.
Encrypted Storage Space
Encrypted Vaults are stored on your external storage: Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. AES-256 bit encryption is implemented to ensure complete security.

Flexible and easy password management through Jira

Additional Security
Additional security layers for password storage: in addition to basic Jira login security.
Unlimited Vaults
Create Personal Vaults with individual access or unlimited Shared Vaults to share with relevant Users.
Password Recovery
Password recovery can be initiated by Jira admins only.
Variety of Credentials
Store and share: passwords, credit card details, software licenses, FTP access, API credentials and more.
Built-in Password Generator
The built-in password generator creates long, randomized passwords with copy-paste capabilities.
Log History
Check the log history to monitor who and when performed changes.

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