Tableau Connectors

Tableau Connectors by Alpha Serve

Enterprise-grade Tableau data connectors with proven scalability, performance and the highest data security.

Trusted by more than 5000 companies from all over the world. Get your software professionally connected to Tableau!

Meet Our Tableau Connectors List

  • Tableau Connector for Jira
    Professional Tableau Jira connector from Alpha Serve provides a seamless Jira Tableau integration for simple and user-friendly data export. Connect your Jira to Tableau in a minute and start building any Jira reports you may need in Tableau.
  • Tableau Connector for Shopify
    A fully managed Shopify Tableau integration app that allows you to easily manage your Shopify data export to Tableau and build any of the Shopify professional reports that you need for your E-commerce business.
  • Tableau Connector for Zendesk
    Enterprise-grade app for convenient Tableau Zendesk integration. It makes Zendesk data export to Tableau easy and simple. You can build any Zendesk reports that you need in Tableau and share them without a hassle.
  • Tableau Connector for
    Tableau Connector for
    No-code solution designed with enterprise-grade capabilities for seamless Tableau integration. The intuitive interface and easy configuration process, make it simple for anyone to export required data from for efficient reporting and analysis in Tableau.