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Embed any Canva design to your Jira Issue page, customize it or share with others

Canva for Jira

Canva for Jira by Alpha Serve
cloud fortified
Canva for Jira makes it possible to insert any of your Canva designs or templates easily with a URL.

Using Canva for Jira app takes collaboration in Jira to the next level with visualization and templates from Canva.

Key Features

Insert Your Canva Easily
Use design’s URL to embed it to your Jira Issue page. Preview and adjust Canva design before adding. Have the changes synchronized.

Enhance Jira Pages

Embed customized presentations, infographics, social media and marketing content, invitations and any of your Canva designs to Jira pages.
Collaborate Better
Let your team or customers see what you’re working on. Convey any information in Jira better using visualization with your Canva graphics. Share them with others without logging into Canva.

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Why Trust Us

Canva for Jira meets the following criteria of the Cloud Fortified apps program
data security
Completion of the Security Self-assessment program
Participation in Bug Bounty program
data reliability
Incident Management
Tracking & monitoring SLIs
Assessed for scale
customer support
24h support
Participation in Atlassian's 3rd party support escalation


  • Platinum Marketplace Partner
    Platinum Marketplace Partner
    We are constantly working on the development of new products that meet our client's needs, as well as on improving the quality and user experience of existing applications.
  • Silver Solution Partner
    Silver Solution Partner
    As a Silver Solution Partner, we provide product knowledge and administrative consultation on product implementation.


Monthly flat fee
Up to 10 Users
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Per user/month
11 - 100 users
More Details
Per user/month
101 - 250 users
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Per user/month
251 - 1000 users
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* The app subscription is required to match the number of users in your Jira instance.
For example:
10 users in Jira instance require 10 users of the app.
100 users in Jira instance require 100 users of the app.


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