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Alpha Serve is now an Official Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner

Published: August 06, 2021

Updated: April 23, 2024

Chief Executive Officer in Alpha Serve
Proving our excellent development and user experience standards, Alpha Serve has recently received the status of Silver Partner in the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program.
Alpha Serve | Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner
It’s important to mention that Atlassian reviews the partnership program levels every six months based on the prior 12 months' performance. After the last review, Alpha Serve has got its long-expected Silver status with success.

What is the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program?

In 2014, the Atlassian Verified/Top Vendor Program was announced to validate the bonuses offered to partners and to demonstrate the most thriving partners.

In spring 2020 considering the great results of Alpha Serve, the program conferred the Top Vendor status to us.

Soon, the Atlassian partners’ productivity has grown the Atlassian Marketplace from a few developers to more than 1000 associates who have placed firms on the platform. In 2019, more than 275 cloud apps were added to the Marketplace. It means really a lot: a single app every working day!

As the Atlassian Marketplace still grows, customers’ requests and demands for cloud, Data Center, and security increase. In 2020 Atlassian decided to restructure the partner program to encourage more intensive app development and promote improved security solutions. That was the next step in an evolution to guarantee that offerings created by the Atlassian system of partners meet every customer’s needs.

Beginning in 2020, the Top Vendor Program changed into the Marketplace Partner Program aimed to find out and benefit the outstanding app solutions.

Marketplace Partner Program Requirements

Initially, the Marketplace Partner Program reveals partners with superior app development and exceptional client experience in order to mark the best ones. It contains 3 partner levels – Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These levels distinguish each partner's separate investment in the platform and its support of the Atlassian general goals and main strategy.

The Silver Solution Partner status means that Alpha Serve has met the Atlassian requirements on:
  • Cloud and Data Center. We invest in the cloud and have Data Center Approved versions of our high-traction server apps.
  • Security. We level up our security measures regularly by joining the Marketplace Security Programs. There’s an actual Cloud Security Participant badge for cloud apps on Marketplace, so customers can make informed choices about the safety of the apps.

Marketplace Partner Program Benefits

The Silver status benefits include exclusive access to the specific Atlassian roadmaps, analytics, and credits intended to support the partner and provide more ways to grow professionally and share amazing products with the world.

For example, now Alpha Serve has got access to the ecosystem and product marketing campaigns roadmap, as well as co-marketing opportunities to be more confident in promoting our apps worldwide.

Also, there’s a Program Silver-tier badge on our Marketplace profile page, which can help users make certain decisions while choosing an app.

How did We Achieve the Silver Marketplace Partner Status

At the end of 2018, we launched our first app on the Atlassian Marketplace and became an official Atlassian Marketplace Partner. Since that, in our products, we have been showing notable development and user experience standards. Being on a mission to convert technological proficiency into real business solutions, Alpha Serve has developed a wide range of apps concerned with authentication security issues, task management, time monitoring, and reporting. Essentially, we believe our team made a successful effort to reimagine Jira and Confluence applications experience.

Thus, our Atlassian partner level has been recently upgraded to Silver.

As our applications help optimize and enhance the company’s documentation, databases, security, and management in line with internal and external goals, they make changes to the whole ways how teams work and businesses succeed. Now, our users can be sure to get even better service and security, so they take the maximum from their everyday Atlassian experience.

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