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Alpha Serve Has Become an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner

Published: July 22, 2022
Last Updated: July 22, 2022
Chief Strategy Officer at Alpha Serve
We are glad to announce Alpha Serve’s new status as a Platinum Partner on the Atlassian Marketplace. With this, we have attained the highest possible status in Atlassian’s Marketplace Partner Program, recognizing us as a high-performing developer well-aligned with Atlassian’s objectives.
Alpha Serve an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner

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About Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program

Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner Program
Atlassian is an Australian-American software company that develops and manages various applications for IT service management and project management, such as Jira, Confluence, and others, for tracking and managing teams working in the software development space. Besides, they built a Marketplace, that offers Atlassian customers to discover and try apps developed by both Atlassian and third-party developers like us.

With more than 200,000 customers, Atlassian prioritizes the development of high-quality and high-performing add-ons for its various products. To ensure that third-party developers continued to comply with the high standard expected of them, Atlassian decided to establish a program to incentivize their efforts and motivate them to develop better products.

Atlassian launched such a program in 2014, which initially was called The Verified/Top Vendor Program. It was a way to recognize high-traction developers in the Marketplace.

However, in 2020 it was replaced with the current Marketplace Partner Program to cater to the growing number of developers and new apps on its platform. The program focused on high-quality app development. It enhanced security practices to ensure that customers continue to enjoy the best experience with their software.

Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner Status Requirements & Benefits

Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program is divided into three tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Each of these levels has specific requirements based on the level of the developer’s contribution and investment in the Atlassian platform, especially in the area of Cloud and Data Center services, as well as participation in Atlassian’s Marketplace Security Programs.

Partners could move from one level of the program to the other by fulfilling a specific set of requirements in these two areas. Attaining the Platinum Marketplace Partner status means Alpha Serve has met the following requirements:

● The company has prioritized the development of high-performing Cloud apps and Server apps that have Data Center approved versions and are built to work in clustered environments.

● The company has been an active participant in Atlassian Security Programs with the goal of enhancing the security of its product.

● A minimum of $1M annual in gross sales with at least 35% of this coming from cloud sales or a minimum of $2M annual gross sales.

● Participation in Paid Bug Bounty Program with all public paid cloud apps.

● Less than 24 hours Response time for all Atlassian customer escalations.

As a reward for fulfilling these requirements, our marketplace profile page will now have a Platinum Partner badge visible to all users trying to look for applications on the Marketplace. The badge will show that Alpha Serve is a trusted vendor in line with the Objectives of the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program.

How We Became a Platinum Marketplace Partner

How Alpha Serve Became a Platinum Marketplace Partner
Alpha Serve has gone a long way since becoming an Atlassian Partner in 2018, but our story begins long before this. We started as a small software development business in Ukraine in 2003. In less than two decades, we have grown to become one of the most reliable international companies in the software development industry.

Our journey in the Atlassian Ecosystem has been just as incredible. We submitted our first applications, 2FA for Jira and 2FA for Confluence, to the Atlassian Marketplace almost four years ago. In that short time, we have grown into the Marketplace Platinum Partner.

As a company, we have stayed true to our mission to convert technological proficiency into real business solutions. As a Software Development professional, Alpha Serve has developed various apps, especially in the area of security authentication, task management, time monitoring, and reporting.

Currently, we have 24 apps to offer to Atlassian customers, 11 of them are available for Cloud and have the Cloud Fortified status. Our most recent app for Atlassian is the Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira. However, we also have other connectors and integration tools, including our Power BI Connector for Jira, which is one of the fastest-growing apps on the Marketplace. We have released continuous updates of all existing applications on the Atlassian Marketplace with new feature upgrades.

Alpha Serve prioritizes product quality more than anything. All our products were designed with the specific needs of our customers in mind. The goal is to ensure that they’re getting the best solution possible when they choose any of our apps to solve any problem they have in mind for it.

As a company, we are constantly working to improve the quality, functionality, and performance of all our applications. We have also prioritized customer communications and support. We have a strong support team that ensures that users get quick replies to their queries and accurate advice on any issues they have.

We are actively taking feedback from users to continually improve our product with a major focus on app security. Our apps are part of the Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty program, and we have also completed the Security Self-Assessment Program.

Alpha Serve remains an active Partner in the Atlassian Ecosystems. We’ll continue to prioritize new partnerships and collaborations as we actively participate in various Atlassian events and work to maintain relationships with other Vendors.

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