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Atlassian Marketplace - the Best Way to Extend Your Atlassian Products

Software developed by Atlassian is known and recognized globally. Their top-quality products are considered the premium professional's choice. Tools offered by the company are intended to help teams of any size and location collaborate on the projects (be it app development or other). Run them smoothly and deliver in conformity with the deadline.

Atlassian software is ready to meet your requirements right out of the box. A standard set of features can make any team happy. However, sometimes we need more than is provided by default. We want a super-powerful highly customized tool to make the workflow even more efficient.

Nothing is impossible for Atlassian. Their products are flexible and extendable. The best place to search for integrations is surely an Atlassian marketplace.

What is Atlassian Marketplace

The marketplace is the first place to go when you need to extend your Atlassian tool by means of applications. All of them have been developed by credible vendors approved by Atlassian, which guarantees top quality of solutions. The platform features a variety of applications that can become powerful add-ons considerably enriching main product functionality. Those add-ons can't operate without a product by Atlassian. You can also use an app bought in the Atlassian marketplace to integrate an Atlassian product you are using with a supplementary tool created by the third party.

The purpose of the apps is to customize your initial software and extend its default functionality. Many of the apps featured in the marketplace are built by third-party developers.

Navigate to Find the Required App in the Marketplace

It's very easy to navigate the Atlassian marketplace. You can input your query in the search bar or just click one of the categories available in the left sidebar to find relevant extensions. If you are not sure about the app name, input its feature and search function will check the parameter inside the descriptions of available applications. So, if you know some specific app feature, you have a good chance to find it in the marketplace.

How to Avoid Compatibility Issues

It's natural that not all apps in the market are compatible with the product you use. The first step to avoid compatibility issues is choosing the right hosting option in the left sidebar (Cloud, Server, or Data Center). This way, the system will search only for apps that match the given specification.
Pick out the app you are interested in and know more about its compatibility.
  • If the app is supported, it means you can ask the developer for help should you run into an issue. Accordingly, if the app is marked as unsupported, there is no way to contact the developer and ask for additional info when you find a bug.

  • Do you see the tag Jira Service Desk above? This means the app is prepared for particular features of Jira Service Desk.

  • If you see, say Data Center tag, this means the app can be used for a Data Center deployment.

Try Before You Buy

The great thing about shopping in the Atlassian marketplace is the possibility to try the product first before paying any money. You just click the orange "Get it now" or "Try now" button and follow simple guides.

If you want to try an on Cloud app, you are redirected to the in-app app manager of your Cloud instance.

If you want to try an on Server app, you are redirected to Here you need to generate the license, then you'll be able to download the app and to install it on Server.

Extending Your Atlassian Product

We have already mentioned that it's very easy to navigate across the Atlassian marketplace. All applications there are categorized to let you find the best solution you need intuitively.

Supposing you are one of the enterprises that have the following concerns

  • The necessity to handle sensitive data - personal, educational, financial, health information.

  • Liability of severe non-disclosure.

  • Data is your major asset.

  • Information is a vital element driving your business.

  • You need to access your tools remotely without sacrificing security.
I guess the above issues are familiar to any business. Whether you are using Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd or some other tool you want to be sure that your info is safe. The simplest thing to do is to enter the Security section in the Atlassian marketplace and choose the relevant solution.

Project Excellence

You will surely visit this section if you are a perfectionist striving to deliver excellent project results and improve your experience with Atlassian.

There are plenty of applications aimed at boosting the performance and efficiency of innovative agile teams. Apps developed by Alpha Serve are a premium choice of enterprises believing that processes automation by means of integration with powerful solutions is the right way to take projects to the higher levels of supremacy.

Business Intelligence

Integration apps from this category let you concentrate on making brilliant business decisions.

The apps provide you with essential metrics that take out the guesswork aspect from business solutions generating. Not only software development but any other niche enterprise will benefit from merging their project management tools with business analytics. With numerical data at your fingertips, deep insights, and birds-eye-view all your moves will be informed.


There is never too much of a good thing. As you see, there are plenty of ways to extend the basic functionality of your Atlassian products. If you value time and efforts, you will sooner choose not to invent something new but use a quality add-on developed by a third-party. It's better to get the one from a credible resource like the Atlassian marketplace. This will guarantee your satisfaction with the system upgrade.