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Alpha Serve Atlassian Cloud Apps Are Now Free For Up To 10 Users

Published: December 24, 2021

Updated: April 26, 2024

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Alpha Serve Atlassian Cloud Apps Are Now Free For Up To 10 Users
We are happy to announce that we have joined Atlassian's initiative to make paid cloud apps free for small teams. This means that companies with 10 or fewer users can enjoy valuable tools at a flat rate of $0. There is no need to even enter payment information.

This initiative is part of Atlassian’s efforts to make it easier for Marketplace Partners to offer competitive prices for businesses of all sizes. Earlier this year, the company launched a series of cloud app pricing changes including increasing the maximum user tier for apps to 20,000 to accommodate bigger companies, decreasing the minimum price for paid apps from $0.05 per user per month to just $0.01, and making the pricing tab for cloud app listings more clear so that one could easily calculate total monthly or annual cost for cloud apps.

Alpha Serve decided to support the initiative and made all its cloud apps free for small teams.

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Which Alpha Serve Apps Are Now Free For Small Teams Up To 10 Users

There are as many as 11 Alpha Serve apps you can now install and use free of charge for instances with 10 or fewer users. Here are all of them:

Power BI Connector for Jira. The app will be useful for teams that use Jira for project management and wish to combine Jira data with the data from other sources to make complex analyses or plan for the future with Microsoft Power BI. This solution provides broad filtering options and makes it possible to extract only the Jira data you need. It also allows scheduling data exports and creating reports on a regular basis.

Tableau Connector for Jira. For those who prefer to process data in Tableau, we have developed this connector. Like the previous one, it links Jira with Tableau so that you can combine and visualize all your business data in one place. With Tableau, you can easily prepare, analyze, and share your big data insights (including those generated from Jira usage) with team members and other stakeholders to better collaborate and make correct business decisions.

BigQuery Connector for Jira. BigQuery is one more powerful business intelligence platform and an alternative to Power BI and Tableau. If your team prefers it to other cloud data warehouses, this app is for you. It allows you to collect Jira data you need and whenever you want and turn it into valuable business insights with Google’s analytical engine.

Smart Git Integration for Jira. This app allows connecting Jira projects directly to Git in just a few clicks. 100% faster DevOps lifecycle. With this tool, you can easily manage your Git projects directly from Jira and enjoy a 100% faster DevOps lifecycle.

Mail Me allows sending emails right from the Jira issue screen. With this app, you can easily attach screenshots or any other files to your letter, and add comments to highlight the most important information. It makes it possible to share the issue not only with colleagues but also with external Jira users.
Canva for Jira. This app will help your team to add Canva designs into their Jira issues. That may include customized presentations, infographics, social media, or other marketing content. All the changes are updated in real-time.

Canva for Confluence. Like the previous app, this connector makes it possible to insert any of your Canva designs or templates into Confluence pages. The tool also allows reshaping and resizing the added infographics, presentations, publications, and images to natively meet the layout of your Confluence page.

Microsoft Forms for Confluence is a perfect tool to add Microsoft forms in Confluence, collect structured data or share the results. The app is easy to use and does not require coding skills. You need only to copy the form’s URL and embed it on the suitable Confluence page using a macro.

Azure Communication Services for Jira. This app is the best way to eliminate window switching when you need to regularly communicate with teammates, customers, and other stakeholders. With it, you can easily start voice or video meetings directly from Jira issues or tickets, trace the communication history and schedule the sessions. You can also share the screen during the meeting and invite other parties to join the conversation with one link.

Amazon Chime for Jira. This app is an alternative to the previous one. The tool links Jira and Amazon Chime seamlessly in order for users to easily reach each other and third-party persons without leaving the ticket or issue.

Checklist is a useful tool that helps Jira users split their complex tasks into smaller ones. The app allows creating checklists in Jira to have a detailed view of what needs to be done directly from the issue.

Why We Decided To Make Our Apps Free For Small Teams

These changes are aimed at supporting small teams that sometimes find it difficult to fully use the capabilities of Atlassian products due to their price. We strive to make our applications available to companies of all sizes. That’s why Alpha Serve decided to join the initiative. We believe that the offer will help small companies to grow their businesses, get the most out of all Atlassian products they use, and have the chance to improve the skills of their employees using our applications and integrations. This is a great opportunity for both small teams and admins who want to study new things and do long-term tests for these applications they want to continue to use in the future.

How To Find Free Apps For 1-10 Users

Atlassian has added a new “Free up to 10 users” filter on the Marketplace. Using it you can easily find apps with free pricing for 1-10 users. You can see the filter on the left panel of the Marketplace main page with products. Otherwise, you can simply use this link to see the page with already filtered options.

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