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Power BI Jira integration app for easy data export. Build custom Jira reports and dashboards in Power BI to fit your needs.

Power BI Connector for Jira

Power BI Connector for Jira

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Power BI Connector for Jira is temporarily unavailable on the Atlassian Marketplace and we are working diligently to restore availability as soon as possible.

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Power BI Connector for Jira is an Enterprise Grade app that allows you to build complex models in Power BI, with proven scalability and competent first-class support. Trusted by leading enterprises, government, and education to run the most critical parts of data management.

With this no-code Power BI Jira integration tool, you can implement Jira data export in an instant way for continuous and automatic insights in Power BI.

With our Power BI Jira Connector you can create unlimited data sources across all Jira projects, while Power Query will help you to centralize them all by aligning Jira with CRM, SAP, ITSM, etc.

Empower Jira Reporting with Custom Solution for Jira Power BI Integration

Collect, analyze and share Jira data effortlessly with a no-code Power BI Jira integration tool

Find Power BI Connector for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace and install it on your Jira Instance being Jira Admin.
Create Data Source
Create a data source and select the required Jira data. Copy the data source URL generated by the Power BI Connector for Jira.
Import Data
Paste the URL in the "Get Data" section by clicking "OData Feed" in Power BI.
Build Reports
Now you can build informative Jira dashboards with advanced charts in Power BI. Use built-in dashboard templates or create your own.

Key Features

No-Code & Unlimited Data Export
Operate Power BI Connector for Jira without coding or technical skills. Export unlimited data from Jira to Power BI within minutes and with no impact or limitations. Retrieve unlimited issues from unlimited boards, and projects you can access. All Users within the Jira instance can use the Connector.
Custom Data Export
Build comprehensive Jira reports based on required data. Apply various filters, including Basic or JQL, for custom Jira data export. Build your own data sets to visualize them in Power BI.
Dashboard Templates
Create Jira dashboards and reports in Power BI by selecting the relevant Jira dashboard template. Data sources are pre-configured for all available Power BI Jira dashboard templates.

Data Relationships Preview
Enhance your data relationships experience with our ERD schema. Ensure the correct relationships between tables, including Jira custom fields and supported add-ons. Preview Entity Relationship Diagram before saving data source and further customization in Power BI.
Scheduled Refresh
Schedule Jira data extract for building reports and dashboards in Power BI based on actual data. Set refresh manually, schedule to a suitable time, or on-demand.
Ensured Data Security
Manage permissions to make the app available for appropriate Jira users. Select your preferred data residency location by choosing from EU, USA, Australia, Germany, and Singapore.

Power BI Connector for Jira Data Transmission Process

  1. Power BI Connector sends direct REST requests to Jira API
  2. Jira sends data to the Power BI Connector using HTTPS (SSL-based) protocol over TLS and AES encryption
  3. Jira Power BI Connector sends data back to Power BI via OData using HTTPS (SSL-based) protocol over TLS and AES encryption.

Atlassian Data Residency Support by Power BI Connector for Jira

Power BI Connector for Jira supports Atlassian Data Residency Program. It will provide users enhanced control and compliance for the Jira data used within Power BI Connector.

This feature allows you to pin your data to specific regions, including United States, European Union (Dublin), Australia (Sydney), Germany (Frankfurt), and Singapore, based on your preferences and regulatory requirements. By choosing your desired data residency location, you can ensure that your data remains within the requirements of a particular region, complying with data privacy laws and regulations.


Work Wisely With Fully Automated
Power BI Connector for Jira

Supported Add-Ons

  • Advanced Roadmaps
  • Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets
  • Insight - Asset Management
  • Projectrak - Project Tracking for Jira
  • Tempo Planner: Resource Planning
  • Tempo Timesheets - Time Tracking & Reports
  • Time in Status
  • Xray Test Management for Jira
See the documentation to know more about data export from leading Atlassian Marketplace Apps.

Power BI Dashboard Templates for Jira

  • Jira Project Dashboard
  • Jira Timework Report
  • Jira Sprint Dashboard
  • Jira Sprint Time Report
  • Jira Service Management Dashboard
  • Jira ITSM Issues Created Report
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Projects Helicopter View (Cloud)

See the Power BI Connector for Jira documentation to know the Power BI Templates description and how to use them.

Book a video demo to see Power BI Connector for Jira in action!

Why Trust Us

Power BI Connector for Jira meets the following criteria of the Cloud Fortified apps program
data security
Completion of the Security Self-assessment program
Participation in Bug Bounty program
data reliability
Incident Management
Tracking & monitoring SLIs
Assessed for scale
customer support
24h support
Participation in Atlassian's 3rd party support escalation


  • Platinum Marketplace Partner
    Platinum Marketplace Partner
    We are constantly working on the development of new products that meet our client's needs, as well as on improving the quality and user experience of existing applications.
  • Silver Solution Partner
    Silver Solution Partner
    As a Silver Solution Partner, we provide product knowledge and administrative consultation on product implementation.


Calculated for your team size progressively using User tier prices
Monthly flat fee
Up to 10 Users
Use the app without any limitations for up to 10 users in your Jira instance.
More Details
Starting from
Per year for 50 Users
Use the app without any limitations for up to 50 users in your Jira instance.
More Details
* The app subscription is required to match the number of users in your Jira instance.
For example:
10 users in Jira instance require 10 users of the app.
100 users in Jira instance require 100 users of the app.
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Install Power BI Connector for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace

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We are actively taking feedback from Users to continually improve our products. Check all reviews from our valuable customers and let us know your experience of using Power BI Connector for Jira
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