10 Best Zendesk Integrations of 2023

Published: December 08, 2022
Last Updated: April 25, 2024
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Zendesk is a top-tier customer service software with a centralized and scalable way to build customer relationships. Zendesk ecosystem offers sales CRM, ticketing solutions, reporting, analytics, and call center software. Zendesk Marketplace has over 1300 Zendesk applications to improve your Zendesk experience. Among these plugins are the leading CRM, Social Media, BI, and other apps.

This article analyzes the best Zendesk integration apps to help you integrate seamlessly with other services, software, or apps.

Zendesk Apps & Integrations: Introduction to the Zendesk Marketplace

Zendesk Apps & Integrations: Introduction to the Zendesk Marketplace
Zendesk Marketplace hosts all the available apps and plugins for direct Zendesk integrations. At the time of writing, Zendesk Marketplace offered 1300+ apps, which grew from just 500 in the last two years.

The Zendesk integration apps are categorized into multiple categories. These include:

  • Productivity and time-tracking
  • Analytics & reporting
  • E-Commerce & CRM
  • Collaboration
  • Surveys & Feedbacks
  • Channels
  • IT & Project Management
  • Knowledge & Content
  • Telephony & SMS
  • Email & Social Media

And so on!

Zendesk Marketplace lets you easily search for apps. For example, you can search for apps from the Zendesk Marketplace Apps homepage. You can click on app icons to learn more about them or download them immediately. You can also search via the search box if you prefer manual searches. In addition, you can search with keywords that include app name, functionality, or features. Lastly, you can use filters by Categories, Collections, Zendesk products the app works with (Zendesk Support, Sell or Chat), rating, and finally, Payment type. To learn more about how to use the Zendesk Marketplace, check out their official guide.

By using the Zendesk integrations list, you get benefits including:

  • Simplified workflows
  • Connect to services, apps, and software
  • Improved Knowledge capture
  • Increased productivity and collaboration

Before you decide to install an app, always check the following:

  • Go through the app information listed in the marketplace.
  • Read installation instructions.
  • Ask for advice or feedback if needed.
  • Look at your existing apps to iron out any possibility of conflicts or overlapping functionality.
  • Get admin functionality to install apps or contact an admin to do it for you.
  • Lastly, ensure your Zendesk instance configurations are appropriate for apps to work correctly.

If you want to develop Zendesk apps, check out their Zendesk developers guide.

1. Zendesk Salesforce Integration

 Zendesk Salesforce Integration
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

Businesses that rely on Salesforce CRM can use Zendesk Salesforce integration. With Zendesk integration, you create a two-way dynamic connection between Zendesk and Salesforce. This way, you can connect Salesforce CRM customer data and Zendesk Support ticket data, giving your team multiple benefits.


The Salesforce integration for Zendesk offers the following features:

  • Support teams get additional information directly from the Salesforce customer profiles, giving the customer support executive a better chance to handle customers’ requests. Moreover, you’re free to pull any CRM data, including custom objects.
  • Reach faster resolution, thanks to access to complete Zendesk Support tickets within Salesforce. You can also import custom-filed data and display it in a custom Zendesk Support panel.
  • Zendesk Saleforce integration allows you the ability to create, view, and update tickets within Salesforce.
  • Get real-time sync to manage your customer records better in Salesforce.
  • Create extensive reports in Salesforce using Zendesk Support ticket data.
  • Track trends and use them to improve customer service.

In conclusion, you can improve customer satisfaction, resolve faster, and increase business effectiveness with Salesforce integration for Zendesk.

To set up and install the app, you must do an integration setup.

2. Zendesk Jira Integration

Zendesk Jira Integration
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Ticketing System
Pricing: Free to use

Zendesk Jira integration enables engineering and support teams to work closely to resolve development issues by connecting Zendesk and Jira. For example, if an Issue escalates, the support team can link the Jira issue with Zendesk Support tickets, giving critical information to resolve the problem effectively.


The key features of Jira integration for Zendesk extensions offer:

  • Effortlessly escalate issues by linking Zendesk support tickets to Jira users. Support teams can notify engineering teams about bugs from their Zendesk Support account and get updates once resolved.
  • Engineers can get a complete view of customers’ experiences related to an issue directly from Jira. This way, they can collaborate better and solve problems faster.
  • The integration lets you improve the team’s workflow by customizing Zendesk Support for Jira. But you can choose what Jira info to show in Zendesk and vice-versa.

To learn more about how to install it, check out this guide.

3. Zendesk Slack Integration

Zendesk Slack Integration
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

If your business's main communication app is Slack, you can benefit from Zendesk Slack integration. It creates a two-way channel to manage customer support tickets effectively. You take the best bit of customer support from Zendesk and Slack communication to make a coordinated, centralized place for customer support.


Using Zendesk Slack integration, you can effectively manage customer support tickets from Slack. Your agents will benefit from the following:

  • Create tickets directly from Slack message actions.
  • Add internal notes instantly with Slack message actions.
  • Slack channels get real-time notifications on updated and new tickets.
  • Easy installation for the entire Slack workspace.

If you are new to Slack and Zendesk integration, check out the installation guide here.

4. Zendesk HubSpot Integration

Zendesk HubSpot Integration
In Zendesk HubSpot integration, we have two apps to consider: HubSpot for Zendesk Support and HubSpot for Zendesk Sell. Both apps are developed by Zendesk and are free to use. However, some additional pricing may incur due to HubSpot's separate pricing.

HubSpot for Zendesk Support

Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

HubSpot for Zendesk Support app connects Zendesk and HubSpot. It enables support teams to improve customer experience by resolving tickets faster. Marketing teams can then use the Zendesk ticket information to create new customer lists based on workflows and ticket tags, making a more targeted marketing effort to resolve issues. In addition, by associating Zendesk tickets with a customer's profile in HubSpot, marketing teams get a complete customer profile along with their Customer Satisfaction Score(CSAT).


Its key features include:

  • Access to Customer Satisfaction Score(CSAT).
  • Create new customer list based on workflows and ticket tags
  • Accessibility to key customer’s information, improving marketing experience

HubSpot for Zendesk Sell

Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Sell
Pricing: Free to use

If you use HubSpot for Zendesk Sell to connect Zendesk Sales to Hubspot, your sales rep gets vital information, such as campaign performance results, enabling them to serve customers better. Here, you can see the customer's campaign and in-depth customer actions for each campaign.


  • Access to customer’s in-depth actions.
  • Ability to know which campaigns the customers have subscribed to.

Follow this integration setup guide to set up HubSpot Zendesk integrations.

5. Zendesk Shopify Integration

Zendesk Shopify Integration
Zendesk Shopify Integrations lets you connect Zendesk's products to Shopify, giving you the necessary features to improve sales and customer service.

There are four Zendesk Shopify integrations you can use. These include:
  • Shopify for Zendesk
  • Shopify for Sell
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Shopify Premium for Zendesk

For Support and Chat apps, follow this Shopify integration guide.
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

It is the official Zendesk Shopify integration that connects Zendesk and Shopify. It enables teams to work on unified customer data, improving customer service. Agents can fetch users' recent orders and have proper context when solving their problems. They can also get more insights regarding orders, including cancellations and refunds. All these lead to better customer satisfaction without the need to leave Zendesk.


  • Solve tickets faster with access to relevant Shopify information
  • Handle cancellations and refunds faster, directly from Support sidebar app
  • Easy data navigation, powered by Order ID.
  • Support for live chat on Shopify-powered site
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Sell
Pricing: Free to use

Developed by Zendesk, Shopify for Sell lets sales reps to get access to critical Shopify data. They can use the data to find exact customer details, helping them close deals faster.


The key features include the following:

  • Faster customer resolution
  • Reduce context switching
  • Access relevant customer Shopify data
  • Improve productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Chat
Pricing: Free to use

The Zendesk for Chat is great for businesses that want to show customer data to agents directly within Zendesk app. This way, agents don’t have to leave Zendesk for customers’ data. Also, they can easily search for order details with a unified workspace. It also simplifies cancellations and refunds, saving crucial time and effort.


The Shopify for Zendesk chat offers the following features:

  • Solve chats and tickets faster
  • Access relevant customer data directly within Zendesk.
  • Quickly process common requests such as cancellations and refunds
  • Get additional info by clicking the Order ID.
  • The Shopify-powered site can embed a live chat
Author: agnoStack
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: 2 pricing plans with a pay-per-agent pricing model, a free 14-day trial available

Shopify Premium for Zendesk is developed by angoStack. It offers enterprise Shopify integration and is one of the top Zendesk plugins.


It has plenty of features, including Access to Real-time Commerce, Payment, and Shipping Data without needing to leave Zendesk. Moreover, you can also Create, Modify and Search Orders from Zendesk.

Other core features include
  • Customer order history
  • Order search,
  • Order basic details,
  • Advanced Marcos
  • refund processing

6. Zendesk Power BI Integration

Zendesk Power BI Integration
Author: Alpha Serve
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: 3 pricing models depend on the number of data sources you need to create; Free 14-day trial is available

Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve is an excellent Zendesk Power BI integration. It allows enterprises to connect Microsoft Power BI and Zendesk. Once connected, you can easily export all your Zendesk data to BI and create comprehensive reports for a data-driven approach. For example, you can export Ticket Metrics, Satisfaction Ratings, Comments, Organization, and even complete Ticket data.


Its key features include:

  • Dynamically create Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Export any fields and tables
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Advanced filtering options for better data selection
  • Support Zendesk Sell data export

If you want to know more about Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve, check out our complete installation guide.

7. Zendesk Tableau Integration

Zendesk Tableau Integration
Author: Alpha Serve
Developed for: Zendesk Support and Sell
Pricing: 3 pricing models depend on the number of data sources you need to create; Free 14-day trial is available

If you’re using Tableau as your Business Intelligence(BI) solution, then you can use Tableau Connector by Alpha Serve to connect it with Zendesk. It allows you to transfer Zendesk Support and Zendesk Sell data to Tableau so that you can build comprehensive reports. The reports, in return, will give you the confidence to make data-driven decisions, improving business profitability and customer relationship.


In summary, the Tableau Connector by Alpha Serve offers the following features:

  • Export fields and tables
  • Export custom fields
  • Create Dynamic Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Clean user interface
  • Permission settings
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Scalable solution

For more details on installing the connector, follow the Alpha Serve guide.

8. Zendesk WordPress Integration

Zendesk WordPress Integration
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

Zendesk WordPress integration is for WordPress users who want to embed Helpdesk directly into their WordPress-powered site or blog.


Here, you get a great collection of features, including:

  • Single sign-on powered by Zendesk’s Remote Authentication. It removes the need to log in to Zendesk to do basic tasks such as submitting tickets, participating in community forums, and even checking progress.
  • You can add a Zendesk feedback tab that lets your website user search knowledge base, submit a ticket, and even chat with an agent.
  • The Zendesk WordPress app also lets you turn blog comments into Zendesk tickets.
  • The administrator or support team can access tickets directly from the dashboard with a complete view.
  • You can also let users submit tickets directly from the dashboard by providing a simple contact form.

To install Zendesk WordPress plugin, follow this guide.

9. Zendesk Whatsapp Integration (+ other popular messengers)

Zendesk Whatsapp Integration
Author: Zendesk
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

Social Messaging for Zendesk allows you to connect, engage and support customers through different social messaging apps and services, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, and Twitter Direct Messages.

So, once you receive a query or message through the supported services, it is converted into new tickets in Zendesk Support. This gives you a direct communication line with customers without the need to have access to any of the social messaging apps.


The key features of Social Messaging for Zendesk include the following:

  • Quickly engage with customers over social messaging apps directly from Zendesk Support
  • New dedicated notifications panel to manage asynchronous conversations
  • Improve response time with a customizable autoresponder that works with WhatsApp.

To install the app, follow this guide.

10. Zendesk Teams Integration

Zendesk Teams Integration
Author: SoftServe Inc.
Developed for: Zendesk Support
Pricing: Free to use

Lastly, we have Zendesk Teams integration, Microsoft teams for Support. It connects Microsoft Teams with Zendesk. This way, support teams can directly access tickets within Teams. They can also create and update tickets as well. Moreover, the app also enables real-time notifications within Microsoft Teams.


The critical Microsoft Teams for Support app features include:

  • Personalized ticket activity view within teams
  • Enable self-service with Answer Bot in Teams
  • Improve collaboration and workflow
  • Update Zendesk tickets directly from Microsoft teams
  • Update ticket fields or add internal notes
  • Scalable support
To manage the Zendesk Team integration, follow this guide.


Zendesk is an omnichannel platform that allows for building adjustable customer relationships. By leveraging Zendesk integrations, businesses can provide more personalized and efficient customer support, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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