Zendesk Connector Update Release: Zendesk Sell Export

Published: November 25, 2022
Last Updated: April 25, 2024
Chief Strategy Officer at Alpha Serve
Thinking of implementing a BI platform to perform deep and detailed analysis with helpful insights from your Zendesk Sell data? You are in the right place.

Nowadays customer sales and support are fully interdependent and complimentary processes. Teams have to be smarter than ever. It’s not enough just to monitor progress of setting sales targets at certain times but also to aim to do deep data analisis, to give responsible reports and to make well-thought-out strategic plans based on dataset. And this should go in line with customer support activities targeted at high service-level.

In this case, Zendesk Sell helps B2B sales leaders to win more business with its progress tracking tools to stay on top of customer expectations, and gain full visibility into sales pipelines.
Integrate Jira and Oracle Analytics
But in case when Zendesk default reports are not enough for companies who seek to make deep analysis, visualize and transform target databases into sell reports and multiple dashboards and promote effective insights, Alpha Serve offers an opportunity to export Zendesk Sell data together with Zendesk Support data with our Zendesk BI connectors.

Power BI Connector for Zendesk and Tableau Connector for Zendesk now offer easy and fast Zendesk Sell data export to Power BI and Tableau accordingly, with easy-to-use navigation and filtering features. Don't worry, once you pick up fundamentals, you will easily create all types of analytic metrics and reports you need.

Get your target Zendesk Sell data in Power BI or Tableau and transform it into comprehensive reports, logically structured dashboards, multiple data visualizations, develop strategic framework and improve your business performance. Enrich your Zendesk Support reports with Sales data for a big picture view.

Steps to Export Zendesk Sell Data to Power BI/Tableau

If you’re already using any of Alpha Serve’s Zendesk connectors, follow the steps below. If you’re new, install Power BI Connector or Tableau Connector and configure the app first.
  1. Connect Zendesk Sell account
  2. Create a data source in the Zendesk Connector app and select Zendesk Sell tab to pick up the needed fields
Microsoft 365 Apps
3.Import data to Power BI or Tableau.

Zendesk data export from the Sell module is available for both existing and new Zendesk connectors’ users without additional charges. Try it today!

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