Alpha Serve 2023 Year in Review: Resilience and Growth

In unprecedented challenges, Alpha Serve emerged as a resilient and odds-on favorite in 2023. This year underscored our hard-and-fast commitment to delivering customized solutions and implementing Business Intelligence integrations for automated data management across businesses of various sizes and industries. Navigating the complexities of a world in flux, we expanded our perspectives and set new standards of excellence.

Anton Storozhuk, Chief Executive Officer AT Alpha Serve:

"Despite facing challenges, our team's agility has been a driving force, leading to notable percentage growth across installations, ecosystems, and strategic partnerships. We've made significant strides, from entering new marketplaces to successfully launching six full-featured apps, carrying upmarket titles like Atlassian's Platinum Marketplace Partner, and securing the Bronze Marketplace Partner status. Each aspect of this retrospective reflects the transformative spirit that defined Alpha Serve's 2023.

I thank our dedicated Alpha Serve team for their resilience and expertise, surpassing expectations and making these achievements possible. I would also like to thank our colleagues at the Armed Forces of Ukraine for allowing us to work daily, creating world-conquering products. Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate an exciting year of new plans and wins."

Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Serve
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    Alpha Serve expanded into new ecosystems by joining the QuickBooks App Store and making strides as a Bronze Marketplace Partner.
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    Successfully launched 6 new apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, ServiceNow App Store, App Marketplace, and QuickBooks App Store.
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    Our apps have been installed over 19,400 times in total, showcasing a remarkable 60% growth on the Atlassian Marketplace and a solid 40% increase on the Shopify App Store.
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    Our website and blog experienced a substantial 63% growth in traffic, reaching 155,000 visitors in 2023. Meanwhile, the blog, comprised of 83 published articles, garnered a robust readership of 103,000.
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    Vault Password Manager named MARS™ App of the Month, while Power BI Connector for Jira secures maintaining a top 10 spot in the fastest-growing Atlassian Marketplace apps for 2023.
New Ecosystems & App Innovations
Closing the chapter on one more successful year, Alpha Serve, a standout in software development with a focus on enterprise solutions and BI connectors, stands tall with pride in our 2023 achievements.

A highlight was our booming takeoff in the QuickBooks App Store, introducing the Power BI Connector for QuickBooks — an an enterprise-grade app enabling users to effortlessly connect and export QuickBooks data to Microsoft Power BI in minutes without coding skills.

Additionally, Alpha Serve showcased a suite of six leading-edge apps tailored for users navigating ServiceNow, Atlassian, and platforms, marking an important point to diversify our ecosystem engagements and reinforcing our presence on existing marketplaces, further solidifying our position in the industry.

Among these, the Tableau Connector for ServiceNow, Tableau Connector for, Vault Password Manager, SQL Connectors for Jira and Jira, and Looker Studio Connector for Jira, we reinforced our commitment to advanced integration and security solutions.

New Ecosystems

New Applications
Installations and Growth

19 400+


Our impact has been profound in terms of installations, with a total of over 19,400 active installations.
We sincerely thank our clients for your trust and continued support in making these achievements possible.


With an impressive 60% growth, our Atlassian Marketplace apps have reached a substantial milestone with over 13,600+ active installations, showcasing their widespread adoption and popularity.


Our Shopify App Store apps have seen a significant 40% growth, amassing over 4,000+ active installations and solidifying their position as essential tools within the Shopify ecosystem.

In our first year within the ecosystem, we have achieved a significant milestone with a community of over 1,700+ active installations of our Power BI Connector and Tableau Connector for


In our inaugural year within the Zendesk Marketplace in 2023, our Power BI and Tableau Connector for Zendesk have swiftly gained traction with 60+ active installations.

Atlassian Apps Growth

Shopify Apps Growth
Apps Special Upgrades
Alpha Serve successfully rolled out 240 app releases, introducing 303 exclusive features across our diverse range of applications spanning various ecosystems, offering users actual data for advanced reporting, and benefiting from no-code integrations that automate data extraction and transformation.

ServiceNow Apps Empowered

  • Added support for Power BI incremental refresh for efficient updates with modified records, enabling actual analytics without excess resource costs.

Atlassian Apps Enhancements

  • Power BI Connector for Jira now supports the Atlassian Data Residency Program, allowing users to choose where their Jira data is stored, ensuring compliance and addressing security.

  • The Power BI Connector for Jira introduces interactive Power BI reports as a gadget, elevating Jira dashboards with insightful project summaries and issue data.

Power BI Dashboard Templates

We've presented Power BI Dashboard Templates for our BI Connectors, offering the most automated process of creating custom reports. For more in-depth information, follow the links provided:


Apps Releases

New Features
Digital Impact Summary
Alpha Serve has marked significant milestones across key digital platforms, witnessing substantial growth in website traffic and on our YouTube channel. Our dedication to knowledge-sharing is exemplified through impactful webinars and interviews, reflecting our dedication to fostering a community of continuous learning and innovation.

Website & Blog

Alpha Serve has published a total of 170 thought-provoking articles, with a dedicated focus on crafting 83 exclusive pieces for our blog.

In 2023, our website experienced a significant surge in traffic, welcoming 155,000 visitors — an impressive 65% increase compared to 2022.

The blog, reaching a readership of 103,000, stands as a testament to the engaging and impactful content we've curated throughout the year.

YouTube Channel

Alpha Serve YouTube channel had a stellar year with 25 new videos, the introduction of YouTube Shorts, and a total of 170,000+ views received.

Notably, organic views surged, achieving over 81% growth compared to the previous year and reaching an impressive 100,000.

Subscribers also saw a significant increase, totaling 1,690 — a testament to our commitment to delivering engaging and impactful content.


New Blog Articles

Website Visitors

New YouTube Videos

YouTube Channel Views

Partnerships & Events

"In 2023, Alpha Serve excelled in partnerships through actively sponsoring, engaging, and participating in numerous in-person and online events, fostering long-term relationships with many companies. Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate an even more remarkable year"

Khrystyna Shparyk, Business Development & Partnership Manager at Alpha Serve

Khrystyna Shparyk
Business Development & Partnership Manager at Alpha Serve
Partnership Achievements

Our partnership sales share soared to an impressive 58%, marking a 4% increase compared to 2022. Welcoming 195 new partner contacts, our network expanded globally, with new partners joining us from Chile, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and more. As an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, a special highlight of our year was the immersive experience of visiting the Atlassian Office in Amsterdam.

Partner Publications

Our accomplishments were spotlighted in a total of 17 partner publications, with a distinctive feature in the Korean language dedicated to Vault Password Manager. Additionally, in August, Vault Password Manager was recognized as the app of the month by Contegix.

In 2023, our engagement strategy thrived through impactful in-person events. Highlights include META-INF Atlassian Day in Budapest, ACA Team UP in Antwerp, and the ServiceNow User Group meeting in Warsaw, where our presentation garnered an impressive score from an audience of 230. Other noteworthy appearances include Power BI Next Step in Copenhagen, ACE in Koblenz, Jira Day in Krakow, and Unleash Atlassian Event in Berlin. Our digital footprint expanded with a feature at Jira Con by Trundl.
titles & awards
In the tapestry of Alpha Serve's achievements over the past year, notable milestones have illuminated our path. From earning esteemed titles and recognition to achieving substantial growth and upholding excellence, each achievement tells a unique story of dedication and innovation.

Support Success

In 2023, Alpha Serve placed a premium on customer satisfaction, consistently delivering efficient and effective support. Resolving over 3000+ tickets with an impressive 90% 5-star rating on 210 reviewed tickets, our commitment to providing excellent service was evident. Additionally, we conducted 300+ live demo sessions, showcasing our dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of our valued clients.

Resolved Tickets

Star Ratings

Demo Sessions
To the Exceptional Alpha Serve Team,

Heartfelt gratitude to each of you for exemplifying strength, unwavering commitment to your promises, mutual support, and consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

You are an extraordinary team, and our pride in each and every one of you knows no bounds!

Thank you all for shaping our year!

We expect an even more engaging year filled with accomplishments in 2024.