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Introducing the Latest Updates to Power BI Connector for ServiceNow

Published:April 14, 2023
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
Chief Executive Officer in Alpha Serve
Here at Alpha Serve, we are delighted to announce a range of significant enhancements to our Power BI Connector for ServiceNow. These updates are designed to revolutionize the data extraction process, optimize resource allocation, and maintain data accuracy, providing our users with a seamless and powerful analytical workflow.
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Incremental Refresh Support

We have added support for the powerful incremental refresh functionality offered by Power BI. This feature updates datasets with only new or modified records since the last data extraction, vastly improving computational efficiency and data accuracy. It is a game-changer for organizations with large datasets, enabling them to maintain up-to-the-minute analytics without incurring excessive resource costs.

To better understand incremental refresh functionality, we recommend checking out our comprehensive guide, "Power BI Incremental Refresh: The Ultimate Guide 2023".

You can refer to our incremental refresh documentation for step-by-step instructions on how to configure this feature.

The Dot-Walking Mechanism

Our dot-walking mechanism offers users a transformative approach to effortlessly navigating related records in ServiceNow. It bridges the gap between data points in multiple interconnected tables via reference fields. The new dot-walking support enables direct scripting access to fields and field values on related records.

For instance, the NeedIt table has a reference field called Requested for, which references records from the User [sys_user] table. This feature simplifies data extraction and paves the way for more comprehensive and nuanced insights.

Please refer to our dot-walking mechanism documentation to learn how to utilize this feature.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

We have added a new Show Table(s) Schema Map option on the Data Source page, exclusively available for ServiceNow Admins with full permissions. This feature integrates an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) into our Power BI Connector for ServiceNow, enabling users to visualize the data structure and relationships between tables more effectively.

The diagram assists users in selecting fields, particularly Reference type fields. It allows users to view the relationship between chosen tables in Data Source, including both referenced and referencing tables, along with all field types.

For more information on utilizing the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), please visit Power BI Connector for ServiceNow documentation.

Creating Data Sources from Existing ServiceNow Reports

This update allows users to create Data Sources from existing ServiceNow Reports. The list of available reports for export is directly taken from the ServiceNow Reporting application, streamlining data extraction and fostering seamless integration between the platforms.

For more information on this feature, refer to our documentation.

Try Our Enhanced Power BI Connector for ServiceNow Today

Try Our Enhanced Power BI Connector for ServiceNow Today
These trailblazing enhancements to our Power BI Connector for ServiceNow deliver immense value to organizations leveraging the ServiceNow platform. By offering more efficient and accurate data analysis, our connector equips users with essential tools for making informed decisions about service management processes, resource allocation, and performance optimization.

The latest Power BI Connector for ServiceNow version offers built-in Power BI dashboard templates with pre-configured data sources. Check our documentation for detailed descriptions and instructions on how to use them.

Integrating these new features into our Power BI Connector for ServiceNow reflects the broader trend of augmenting BI tools and services to support increasingly sophisticated analytical workflows.

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