ACA Team Up 2023 by ACA Group in Belgium: How Was It

Published: October 4, 2023
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
PhD, Business Development & Partnership Manager at Alpha Serve
In the ever-evolving world of technology and collaboration, conferences have become a crucial platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering industry connections. On September 15th, our CSO Anna Odrynska and Business Development & Partner Manager Khrystyna Shparyk had the privilege of participating in the ACA Team Up 2023 organized by ACA Group, where Alpha Serve was sponsoring this event.

It started with the keynote talk by Atlassian. Elise Stedenburg & Kitty de Ruijter (Solution Engineers at Atlassian) talked about Atlassian Intelligence: AI in the Atlassian ecosystem, the new AI-based virtual teammate set to enhance your work process. Then we had an Expert Talk from ACA Group by Stijn Vandereyken (Lead Data Team at ACA Group), who talked about valorizing your Jira data more efficiently and flexibly. Afterward, we heard a lot of customer expert talks and customer cases.
ACAteamup2023 by ACA Group in Belgium: How Was It
First and foremost, Alpha Serve extends its heartfelt gratitude to ACA Group for organizing an incredible event. The conference, marked by its informative sessions and engaging discussions, showcased the commitment of ACA Group to promoting collaboration and innovation within the Atlassian community. Annigje Nolmans, the driving force behind this successful event, deserves a special mention for her relentless efforts in organizing and executing a seamless conference experience. It was, without a doubt, perfect in every way.
ACAteamup2023 by ACA Group in Belgium: how was it?
The success of the ACA Team Up 2023 conference was only possible with the enthusiastic participation of our partners, customers, and friends. Our customers added a vibrant and engaging atmosphere to the event. Their enthusiasm and support for our apps, especially Power BI Connector to Jira and Vault Password Manager, created a sense of community and shared excitement throughout the event.
ACAteamup2023 by ACA Group in Belgium: How Was It
The Atlassian community is known for its open, collaborative, and friendly spirit; this conference truly embodied those values. From insightful talks to memorable parties, the event had it all. It was interesting to listen to the speech of Dmytro Yarmak, Organisational Coach and partner at Agiledrive, about helping companies implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) effectively. Their approach involves training teams on what OKRs are, establishing the OKR Cycle, and focusing on critical cultural aspects.
ACAteamup2023 by ACA Group in Belgium: How Was It
The conference was a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in the Atlassian community, and we look forward to many more such gatherings in the future. We want to extend a unique token of appreciation to all those who contributed to the fantastic atmosphere during the event.

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