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Power BI Connector for Jira Introduces Dashboard Templates for Jira Data Center/Server

Published: July 27, 2023
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Serve
Alpha Serve is proud to announce that Power BI dashboard templates are now available for Jira Data Center/Server users. As an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner and a top-notch supplier of BI Connectors for Jira, we remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and enhancing the user experience across all hosting options.

In the latest versions of the Power BI Connector for Jira Data Center and Server, we have introduced support for Power BI dashboard templates, which have already proven popular with Jira Cloud users. These templates come ready with pre-set data sources, making your Jira reporting with Power BI more efficient and user-friendly.
Power BI Connector for Jira Introduces Dashboard Templates for Data Center/Server

Power BI Dashboard Templates by Alpha Serve: Making Jira Reporting Easier

Power BI Dashboard Templates by Alpha Serve: Making Jira Data Center/Server Reporting Easier
Understanding the needs of our users, we've developed a set of ready-to-use Power BI Dashboard Templates. These templates enable users to create insightful Jira reports in Power BI without starting from scratch, making the process of data visualization more straightforward than ever before.

We've designed these templates to cover common reporting needs, ensuring users can jump right into visualizing their Jira data with minimal setup. The process is streamlined with the templates' pre-configured data sources; there's no need to select tables and fields manually. Simply pick the proper Power BI Dashboard Template, download the corresponding file, and import it into Power BI to transform your Jira project data into comprehensive, visually appealing reports.

Alpha Serve is committed to making the entire reporting process efficient and seamless. With these templates, we've expanded the Power BI Connector's capabilities, offering an all-in-one solution that covers everything from Jira data export to report creation.

Explore Our Newly Introduced Power BI Dashboard Templates

Explore Our Newly Introduced Power BI Dashboard Templates
Drawing from our rich experience with Jira Cloud users and our understanding of user needs, we've crafted a range of Power BI Dashboard Templates for Jira Data Center/Server users. These templates, available via Alpha Serve's Power BI Connector for Jira, are built to cater to various reporting needs and offer a quick start to your Jira reporting in Power BI.

Our templates go beyond conventional reporting. Equipped with top-tier visualizations, versatile filters, detailed tables, and dynamic charts, our templates present an enhanced view of your key performance indicators (KPIs). They offer a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of your Jira operations, ensuring you can easily monitor and analyze your vital metrics.

In the following section, we will look at each of these templates, illustrating how they can enhance your Jira reporting experience.

Jira Project Dashboard

The Jira Project Dashboard template provides users with a comprehensive overview of their projects. This template enables users to track key metrics such as total issues and completed issues. It features charts that display the percentage of issues by status, time, and priority, providing a visual representation of project progress and team performance. The visualizations offered by the template provide a clear and concise snapshot of project health and performance, helping prioritize critical tasks and allocate resources effectively to resolve high-impact issues, identify areas that require attention or improvement, and take strategic actions on time.
Jira Project Dashboard Template for Power BI

Jira Timework Report

The Jira Timework Report template offers a detailed framework for tracking and analyzing time spent on different projects and issues within Jira. This template grants granular insight into time allocation at both the project and issue levels, thus empowering users to manage and distribute their time across specific tasks more effectively. With visually engaging charts depicting the time spent by users and work time divided by day or period, you can see your team's efforts at a glance. Essential indicators, such as total hours worked and average hours per day, are readily available, enabling you to keep an eye on team productivity. By identifying time-intensive tasks and analyzing the periods dedicated to various activities, the template can help you pinpoint areas where resource distribution could be optimized.
Jira Timework Dashboard Template for Power BI

Jira Sprint Dashboard

The Jira Sprint Dashboard template is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analyzing sprint performance in Jira. With easy-to-use filters, users can select a specific sprint and sprint state to monitor its performance and define a date range for their analysis. This template offers insights into original and remaining estimates, sprint duration, and remaining time, providing users with a complete overview of the sprint timeline. It also provides a visual representation of user workload, allowing managers to identify any imbalances and reallocate tasks accordingly. This dashboard provides detailed information about open issues and visualizes time spent per issue type, providing invaluable data to help understand team efficiency and address any bottlenecks. Overall, the Jira Sprint Dashboard template is essential for managing sprints effectively and improving team productivity.
Jira Sprint Dashboard Template for Power BI

Jira Sprint Time Report

The Jira Sprint Time Report template provides a detailed visualization of time metrics for specific sprints. Users can select the desired sprint, its state, and assignee for targeted analysis. It provides a view into the original and remaining estimates for the selected sprint, delivering a clearer picture of the progress made. An illustrative chart compares the original estimate to the remaining time, enabling users to track efficiency over the sprint duration. The Time Report table provides granular data for all issues, offering a deep dive into the time specifics. Moreover, the dashboard includes a dedicated time report organized by assignee and sprint, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. The Jira Sprint Time Report template is valuable for managing time effectively and ensuring a productive sprint.
Jira Sprint Time Report Template for Power BI

Jira Service Management Dashboard

The Jira Service Management Dashboard template is designed to deliver a comprehensive snapshot of your project's service management status. By tracking key metrics like total created and closed issues and average resolution times, this template aids in identifying efficiency and workflow optimization opportunities. It allows a specific project and date range selection, offering tailored insights. The data gathered illuminates the complexity of tasks, guiding resource allocation, and informing strategic decisions. With visualizations comparing actual versus targeted resolution times, it reveals bottlenecks and efficiency areas, assisting in workflow optimization. By presenting a cumulative view of created versus closed issues, the template helps identify long-term trends. The Jira Service Management Dashboard template is a vital tool for strategic planning and improving service management processes.
Jira Service Management Dashboard for Power BI

Jira ITSM Issues Created Report

The Jira ITSM Issues Created Report template is a focused tool for tracking and analyzing issue creation within your projects. By enabling the selection of a specific time frame and project, it provides a tailored view of issue metrics. It displays the total number of issues created and the average number per day, giving a snapshot of overall issue volume and daily trends. With an issues type chart, users gain a visual representation of the diversity and distribution of issue types. For a more detailed view, the issues type detailed table provides in-depth insights. The Jira ITSM Issues Created Report template offers a streamlined approach to monitoring and understanding issue creation dynamics, contributing to effective issue management and project planning.
Jira ITSM Issues Created Report Template for Power BI

Cumulative Flow Diagram

The Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) template allows users to get a holistic view of their projects' issue progression. It maps the journey of issues across different statuses, giving a clear visual representation of your workflow. Detailing the total number of issues, including the in-progress, to-do, and done ones, offers a complete picture of your project status. The power of this template lies in its ability to identify potential bottlenecks and streamline workflow efficiency, ensuring a smoother and more effective issue management process.
Cumulative Flow Diagram Template for Power BI

Getting Started with Power BI Dashboard Templates for Jira Data Center/Server

Before starting, make sure you have the Power BI Connector for Jira installed. Once you've done that, follow these simple steps to start using Jira Power BI Dashboard Templates:

  1. Go to the Templates tab in the Power BI Connector for Jira.
  2. Choose the desired template and click the Create Data Source button or click on the template's name.
  3. Set up the auto-generated data source by providing a name, description and applying any necessary filters. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Copy the generated data source URL and click Next to download the dashboard template .pbit file.
  5. Open Power BI Desktop, and navigate to File > Import > Power BI template. Select the .pbitfile you downloaded in the previous step.
  6. Paste the data source URL into the corresponding field within Power BI Desktop.
  7. Proceed to Basic authentication and enter your credentials. Click the Connect button to establish the connection.

That's it! You have successfully imported your first template to Power BI and can now analyze your Jira data and share your insights with your stakeholders or team members.

Refer to the provided documentation for more detailed information on Power BI Connector for Jira dashboard templates.

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