The ACE Koblenz Experience

Published: October 26, 2023
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
PhD, Business Development & Partnership Manager at Alpha Serve
On Wednesday, October 11th, Alpha Serve participated in an offline Atlassian Community Event in Koblenz, organized by our partners – Decadis AG.
Decadis AG is an Atlassian Platinum and Gold Solution Marketplace Partner focused on developing high-quality apps and services for the Atlassian Marketplace. Their preeminent app is Jira Workflow Toolbox ("JWT"), which gives you all the tools to implement and automate processes quickly by extending Jira Cloud's limited workflow capabilities - from Conditions and Validators to Post Functions. Customers can enjoy an unparalleled user experience when implementing and automating daily processes - from simple requirements to highly complex business workflows.
Alpha Serve Got The ACE Koblenz Experience
Our Business Development and Partner manager, Khrystyna Shparyk, presented the power of integration between Power BI and Jira. Her presentation mainly explained the importance of reporting, the types of reports within Jira Software, and why using Power BI for Jira reports is the best solution. Power BI Connector for Jira was presented as the preeminent solution in the Atlassian marketplace.
Alpha Serve Got The ACE Koblenz Experience
Andreas Springer from Actonic GmbH presented a talk on the Data Protection and Security Toolkit for Jira/Confluence, emphasizing the paramount importance of data security in today's digital landscape. Suppose customers want to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII), perform automated user anonymization (GDPR/DSGVO), de-identification (CCPA/HIPAA), or detect and redact sensitive data. In that case, this app is the best solution. They can ensure their Jira complies with any data privacy law worldwide with a single app!
Alpha Serve Got The ACE Koblenz Experience
It was the first experience for Alpha Serve attending offline ACE events. It was a day of learning, sharing, and networking, leaving everyone excited for the future of Atlassian solutions. In total, 35 people were attending the event both online and offline.

To sum up, Alpha Serve would like to express our gratitude to the exceptional team of Decadis and, mainly, Dave Wuensch and Michele Toscani, the driving forces behind the event. We are looking forward to many more mutual events in the future!

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