Year in Review 2022 | Alpha Serve

Amid the war persistence, Ukrainians stay strong and continue their fight for their freedom, independence, and values. Businesses also managed to gather their strength and during the greatest economic crisis shifted toward their operations, reaching goals and growth. And so did Alpha Serve.
Anna Odrynska, Chief Strategy Officer:
Because of the war, this year has become one of the toughest in the history of our company. The missile attack destroyed our head office in the city of Mykolaiv. Three of our developers joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the aim to protect our freedom and our land from the occupants. The majority of our colleagues had to leave their homes to save their own lives and the lives of their families.

In recent months, russia has been massively bombing critical infrastructure, which has led to frequent permanent blackouts, no mobile network and Internet connection, lack of water, and heat in Ukrainian cities.

Despite all this, our team continues to work, unite, support each other, go towards the set goals, and achieve them.

Today we want to sum up this year, end it on a positive note and share some great results and pleasant pieces of news.

Anna Odrynska
CSO at Alpha Serve
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    We have joined three new ecosystems: ServiceNow, Zendesk and with four new BI Connectors
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    Alpha Serve has become an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, released 2 new apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, and reached 8500+ active installs for all apps
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    Our Shopify apps have reached 3000+ active installs and Exportier - Data Export has grown by 95% with over 1000+ installs
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    We have published 65 new articles on our blog, and by the end of the year, our site reached a record audience of over 96,000+ visitors
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    12 talented people have joined our team this year and they have already done some great work to help us get where we are today
We continued to expand our presence on the leading B2B marketplaces and joined three new ecosystems. In 2022, we developed four new apps — for ServiceNow, Zendesk, and

Now you can leverage your corporate analytics and forecast with Power BI Connector for ServiceNow, Power BI Connector for Zendesk, Tableau Connector for Zendesk, and Power BI Connector for

New Ecosystems

New Applications
Atlassian & Shopify Apps
However, we also continue developing useful solutions for Atlassian and Shopify. The year 2022 saw the releases of our 2 new apps on the Atlassian Marketplace: Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira, and SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira. On the other hand, already resistant products continue to grow quite well. Since January Alpha Serve’s Atlassian apps have reached 8500+ active installs.

Our Shopify apps also were popular among the users. The solutions developed by our team to ease the use of the world’s premier eCommerce platform reached 3000+ active installs (which is 62% more compared to the previous year).

Shopify Apps Installs

Atlassian Apps Installs

New Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace
forums & Events
Anna Odrynska and Liubov Topchyi during a speech on Jira Dashboards in Power BI (Jira Day 2022)
We continue to increase our visibility and reach market insiders. In 2022, we took part in three international industry-related events that gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our products to a wider international audience.

We participated in Jira Day in Warsaw, the most cosmic Atlassian-related conference in Central Europe. We presented our Power BI Connector for Jira as well as its dashboard feature (a set of pre-built dashboard templates with pre-configured data sources).

The app was also showcased within Jira Con’22 which was held online and reached a total audience of 600 people.

Alpha Serve Business Development & Partnership Manager Khrystyna Shparyk is having a great time at the ServiceNow World Forum (Zurich, Switzerland)
We also participated in ServiceNow World Forum, which took part in Zurich, Switzerland. During this event devoted to discussing the future of innovations, technologies, and opportunities within the ServiceNow ecosystem, we shared our vision and also presented the Power BI Connector for ServiceNow app.

ServiceNow World Forum helped us to meet new partners and now we are preparing ourselves for big changes and challenges in 2023!

You can find the full overview of the event from our Partnership Manager Khrystyna Shparyk here.
titles & awards
But nothing makes us as happy as recognition of our work by our end customers and partners. This year our ‘walk of fame’ portfolio was supplemented by 4 new titles and awards.

Alpha Serve has become an Atlassian’s Platinum Marketplace Partner just six months after gaining the Gold status. It is the highest possible title in Atlassian’s Marketplace Partner Program, which recognizes us as a high-performing developer aligned with the company’s goals.

Our Power BI Connector for Jira has been recognized as Integration Category Leader within the Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) 10 months in a row. In June 2022, our Power BI Connector for Jira was also recognized as MARS™ App of the Month. The representatives of the company evaluated the product as one of the fastest-growing apps on the Atlassian Marketplace with the features outperforming its competitors.

We have made a lot of effort to protect our products against unauthorized use and data breaches, and in June 2022, Alpha Serve became a Silver Corporate Member of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), a nonprofit foundation whose main aim is to improve software security. OWASP Membership allows us to exchange experiences with community members and provides us with know-how as well as early access to the newest security technologies and best practices that we can now implement for our business and products.
Blog readers
We’re working hard to make our website both easier to use and more informative. You can find there detailed descriptions of our products, user guides, use cases, and all you may need to understand who we are and what our products are.

But our main focus, in which we put a lot of effort and passion every day, has always been our blog. Here you can find a lot of useful industries-related articles on the most popular topics. During this year we published 65 new articles and received more than 92 000 views from 75,000+ readers. We are especially honored that almost all of this traffic is organic.

New Blog Posts

Blog Readers

Website Visitors
our partners
We couldn’t have achieved any of this without our partners. Partnership relations have always been our priority, we have been constantly working on expanding our network, and currently, we have more than 150 partners from all over the world. Our Partners have always been our most reliable source of support for business growth, but this year their support has gone beyond just business.

At the end of February, when the war broke out in Ukraine, our partners gave us incredible support. We received dozens of emails, messages, and calls with words of support and offers of help both for the company and for team members. We appreciate it very much, and we want to once again thank everyone who expressed their support for us. We will never forget your kindness and generosity.
our Customers
In addition to developing new applications, we have been constantly working to improve our existing products. The level and quality of all items in our portfolio have grown tremendously in 2022. As a result, the adoption of our software products continued and a number of new customers have joined us this year. Among them were companies such as Boeing, Silicon Labs, Toyota, MARS, and Abbott.

We are truly grateful to all our customers for choosing us.
Dear Alpha Serve Team!

The sincerest thanks to everyone for being strong, for taking and keeping commitments, supporting each other and working on the edge of possibilities.

We are a truly outstanding team, and we're proud of all of you!
Thank you all for making our year!
Looking forward to having even more interesting work and achievements in 2023 together.