Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira Is Live
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Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira Is Live

Published: May 24, 2022

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Chief Executive Officer in Alpha Serve
oracle analytics connector for jira from alpha serve
Alpha Serve has released the Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira.
It is one more application in our portfolio of Jira Cloud BI Connectors. It is now Live on the Atlassian Marketplace with a free 30-day trial.

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What Is Oracle Analytics

oracle analytics
Oracle Analytics offers users a broad range of business intelligence capabilities needed to manage large volumes of data seamlessly. Oracle was named a Visionary for its ability to execute and completeness of vision in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms (2022).

Its code-free drag-and-drop interface enables anyone in the organization to build interactive data visualizations without special skills or programming knowledge. Customers from all over the world gain benefit from data analysis in Oracle Analytics Cloud, which is driven by machine learning.

Why Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira

 Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira to the Atlassian Marketplace by Alpha Serve
Being a recognized professional in BI Connectors development, Alpha Serve goes further to meet all the customer needs in smart Jira BI integrations.

Meeting customers who are managing projects in Jira and requesting to have it as a data source when building complex analytics with Oracle Analytics, Alpha Serve could not miss the opportunity to provide a solution for these Atlassian users.

With deep Jira data knowledge and understanding of the best solution architecture for Jira BI Connectors, it took our team several months to develop, test and deploy the Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira to the Atlassian Marketplace.

Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira: Key Features

Oracle Analytics Jira Integration Key Features
Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira is one more enterprise-grade app from Alpha Serve that allows users to build complex data models and visuals in Oracle Analytics based on Jira Cloud data. Beta-testers have especially noted the simple and comprehensive user interface, through which Jira data to Oracle Analytics export becomes really very easy for anyone without a need for coding skills or Jira Administration knowledge.

Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira allows merging Jira with other data sources such as ITSM platforms, CRM, ERP, etc. in order to build the unified analytics across all business functions.

As all other Jira BI Connectors from Alpha Serve, Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira has been developed according to the user expectations and requests, thus is has all the valuable features available:

  • Various Filtering Options, including Basic filters and JQL - to narrow the data selection and make precise and non-overloaded data exports;

  • Export of all Jira Core & Jira Software fields including Custom fields, History, Agile;

  • Availability to export data from the Leading Marketplace Apps (Time in Status, Tempo apps, Projectrak, Advanced Roadmaps and others).

  • Secure Jira data sharing for reports with the permission and sharing settings available;

  • Scheduled refreshes for actual Jira data reports in Oracle Analytics.

Jira to Oracle Analytics: Use Cases

use cases why and how companies can benefit from Jira to Oracle Analytics integration
It is obvious already that Jira data is crucial for reporting for the businesses that run projects and manage teams in Jira. Jira apps data is an integral part of the analytics dataset. Here are just a few examples of the customer use cases - why and how companies can benefit from Jira to Oracle Analytics integration:

  • Companies running huge and multiple projects in Jira are rarely satisfied with built-in Jira reports, as their reporting requests are more sophisticated. Thus, they tend to use external tools to build necessary reports - and Oracle Analytics with its AI/ML technologies is one of the suitable options. Having seamless Jira to Oracle integration allows them to fetch Jira data to BI and transform it according to the business needs.

  • Management is not interested in logging into Jira to take a look at the performance. Oracle Analytics allows the building of necessary corporate reporting with Jira data and sharing it with relevant stakeholders.

  • To build unified reporting across all business functions, companies need to collect data from different sources in one place, to further transform and visualize it. Oracle Analytics allows to include Jira into the data landscape and combines its data with CRM, ITSM, ERP and other data sources to prepare reports across the organization.

Start Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira
FREE trial now!

Stream Jira data to Oracle Analytics and create interactive reports, data dashboards, and visualizations in minutes.
*The app is free for teams up to 10 users

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