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Jira as an Important Datasource for Your BI Analysis

If you manage an agile team, you probably use Jira to streamline the process of software development. This is not surprising as the platform proved to be one of the best project management tools. It helps work on the tasks efficiently, reach set goals, and deliver top-quality products on time.

When you are collaborating on the project using Jira, each team member can access and contribute to data on planning, tracking, and product release. This is a secret of productivity - each person sees the scope of work to be done, workload distribution, tasks, deadlines, guides, and specifications, in a word, employees have all the necessary information to move forward fast.

Jira compiles data on issues and user stories, sprints, distributed tasks. It includes all team's work for the whole period of running a project as well as essentials on shipment.

Serviceable Jira reports allow evaluating team performance. You actually fill the app with your unique data which makes it an important source for business intelligence analysis.

Today the approach to analytics is much more serious than before. Using BI tools is named among the top productivity increase strategies. It's not about quantity anymore, it's about quality.

In other words, you don't need to produce more, you need to do it strategically and comply with the highest quality standards to be well-off in the coming years. Adding Jira as an essential datasource to be tracked by BI tools, is a smart decision that will make a positive effect on the output.

Why Is It Beneficial to Process Jira Data with BI Tools

The main purpose of business intelligence tools is to boost the efficiency of your enterprise. They help pick out data from Jira and other dynamic environments which significantly simplifies the process of decision making.

What You Need To Know About Business Intelligence

How many times a day do you face the necessity to make decisions that may impact the overall result? A common manager's reply is "I need to make decisions all the time." It's really good to have specialized software to support your ideas.

BI tools are available to analyze and process huge arrays of information packaging them into comfy files for your reference.

For doing this, the BI environment utilizes business models, data models, and ETL tools. It also operates the terms like Big Data (which is a collection of large and complicated data sets), Data Warehouse (which is a subject-oriented integrated system for reporting and analyzing the data to support a decision-making process), Data Mining (which is a process of applying some statistical techniques on a large amount of raw data.)

Key Takeaways About the Impact of Business Intelligence Tools

Let us quickly recap major ways BI tools can be useful for your enterprise.

  • You will quickly address the bottlenecks.

  • You will efficiently align all business activities with corporate tactics and strategies.

  • You will empower your employees.

  • You will shorten data manipulation time.

  • You will get customers' insights.

  • You will recognize critical areas for cost estimation.

  • You will increase business productivity.

How to Connect Jira with Your Favorite BI Tools

There are lots of BI solutions on the market today.

I am sure it's obvious that you need to implement BI tools for Jira data analysis. You can easily do this with connectors developed specifically for the purpose.

You need to choose a connector according to the BI tool you are using. Though, all of them have some common features, which you will figure out right now.

Connectors allow you to stream all of Jira's data to one of the BI software. In other words, for clear business decisions, you add Jira to your main data sources and get the latest and most accurate results.

You place all your projects on a single view to accelerate timely decision-making and keep the right direction. Using BI, your project teams get the ability to evaluate their impact as well as their contribution on business results.

Having connected Jira to BI tool, you bring your Jira data to life. From now on, you have data from multiple sources in one place, so you can create actionable insights easily.

You will be able to explore & analyze your data creating rich, interactive reports, data dashboards and visualizations in minutes.

The final step is turning insights into action. To plan your future business activities, turn data into information. Improve your organization's efficiency and increase productivity as a result.


Hope this article was useful for you. Do you agree that Jira is an important source of data for business intelligence analysis? How do you implement it at the moment? If you still don't harness the power of BI, are you going to start doing it with the help of smart connectors?