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Meet New SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira from Alpha Serve

Published: October 3, 2022
Last Updated: October 3, 2022
Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Serve
Alpha Serve is glad to announce the release of the SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira. This new Connector adds to the growing list of Jira Cloud Connectors from Alpha Serve. SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira is now live and available for download on the Atlassian Marketplace with a 30-day trial.

In this article, we would like to present the general description of our new product, its key features, and for who it can be useful.
SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira is Live

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What Is SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-based product designed by SAP to serve as a business intelligence solution and as a planning and predictive analytics tool. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is an all-in-one solution that helps business decision makers and analysts explore and visualize data from a single cloud-based environment.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps organizations to use a single product as the source of all their data and carry out all their analytics functions from the same tool. Fully accessible online, SAP Analytics Cloud is becoming one of the most essential products in the SAP ecosystem thanks to its robust applications and ease of use.

Why SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira

Why SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira
Being a top one of the leading developers of BI Connectors for various BI platforms and ecosystems with proven scalability and top-grade support., Alpha Serve is fully committed to helping Jira users explore data easily. We are focused on continually developing intuitive connectors that improve the ease with which customers export data to their preferred BI platform.

This new project is part of Alpha Serve's continual effort to help customers who manage their projects in Jira and use SAP Analytics Cloud as a vital planning and decision-making tool. Developing a connector like this will make data export easier for numerous Atlassian users. We simply couldn't pass up an opportunity to deliver a solution like this.

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of data management in Jira and our expertise in developing robust BI Connectors, our team has been able to design, build, and deploy the SAP Analytics Connector for Jira.

The SAP Connector for Jira will make it easy for users to build complex Jira reports and robust data models with SAP Analytics Cloud. This product's intuitive interface and user simplicity make it possible to export Jira data to SAP Analytics Cloud without the required coding skills.

SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira: Key Features

SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira Key Features
Companies using SAP Cloud Analytics as their main business intelligence tool for SAP Cloud data analytics and business planning can now easily add Jira as one of their data sources. This way, they can build complex reports based on multiple data sources without complex coding.

The following are some of the key features of the SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira.

Export Jira Data Easily

Jira SAP Analytics Cloud integration allows users to fetch unlimited Jira data to SAP Analytics Cloud directly and with ease. The Connector gives users a complete control over data export. By setting basic filters or JQL, they can customize data export by exporting just the data fields they need.

Build Jira Reports

The SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira simplifies Jira data visualization. By allowing users with no-code experience to export data to SAP Analytics Cloud, anyone can create highly informative data visualizations and interactive dashboards. The Connector also helps to keep your SAP data reports up to date by scheduling auto-refresh of data extraction from Jira.

Manage Jira Data Access

The Jira SAP Connector guarantees the security of your data. Connecting SAP to Jira with this Connector allows you to set access or export data permissions for specific users or groups of users. You can also create multiple data sources, group them and control how they're shared.

SAP Jira Integration: Use Cases

SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira Use Cases
Every business that uses Jira to manage their team and projects will find Jira data quite valuable for decision-making. Thus, Jira data is a critical part of the analytics datasets to be exported to whatever business intelligence and analytics platform they already use. For business managers who already use SAP Analytics Cloud to manage decision-making and planning for their organization, the following are some of the benefits and use cases of SAP Jira integration:

Informative Data Visualization for Project Management

With this integration, you can use SAP for project management. Although Jira has built-in reporting features, companies using Jira to manage multiple projects and large teams may find this inbuilt data visualization limited to fit their needs. An external tool like SAP Analytics Cloud will make it possible to prepare and visualize data using advanced indicators, formulas, and other features. SAP Cloud Analytics integration also allows users to explore and highlight their data using informative graphs, tables, and other graphical components.

Centralized Data Source for Business Analytics

One of the main highlights of using SAP Analytics Cloud as a business intelligence platform is that it allows users to manage data from a single-secured and cloud-based environment. With the SAP Jira integration, there'll be no need to switch from one platform to another. Instead, everything is managed directly from your SAC dashboard.

Widen Data Landscape for Complex Reporting

Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud will allow Jira users to build unified reports across various aspects of their business function. SAP Analytics Cloud will enable you to expand your data landscape by combining Jira data with data from other sources to build advanced reports across your organization.

Predictive Analysis and Planning for C-Level Management

SAP offers advanced artificial intelligence features that help to highlight relevant metrics and derive unique insights for future planning and decision-making. SAP Integration with Jira will allow C-level management to leverage these predictive analytics features to get a clear view of business current status and identify key planning metrics for future decision-making.

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SAP Analytics Cloud Connector for Jira from Alpha Serve

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