Custom Fields: Issue Picker — Link the issues and navigate easily

Link issues with other issues and easily find the relevant information from a single issue

Custom Fields: Issue Picker app enables quick access to selected issues from another issue by creating specific Jira custom fields. With this application users can link different issues together and find relevant information.

Add-on allows for the creation of two custom field types: Issue Picker (multiple issues) where user can bind multiple issues based on user access rights and Issue Picker (single issue) where user can bind only one issue.

Key Features

Keep the related issues in sight
You can link the related issues by adding custom fields with our application. You can have all relevant information about the issue on a View Issue Page.
Link issues and have a big picture view
Linking issues is so easy! Do this while creating or editing issue, or on the View Issue page. Keep all related issues together to not miss details or to track shift from one issue to another.
Navigate easily
Link the connected issues and switch easily from one to another. Keep all necessary issues together.
Learn more from the video demo
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