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Up to 50% Off All of our Add-Ons at the Atlassian Marketplace

Published: March 31, 2020

Updated: April 26, 2024

Chief Executive Officer in Alpha Serve

Alpha Serve Input to Support Businesses during the coronavirus crisis

Alpha Serve is a leading high-level custom software developer and reliable outsourcing partner, and we are happy to announce discounts on all of our add-ons provided on the Atlassian Marketplace. We hope this news is sure to be welcomed by many of our customers, who will be particularly delighted to learn that the discounts are non-fixed and can go up to 50%.

We at Alpha Serve believe that for companies across the globe, this decision is timely and necessary. Understandably, it comes in the wake of the devastating situation concerning the coronavirus disease pandemic that has crippled business operations worldwide. And with a potential vaccine being months to a year away at best, companies all over the world are forced to cut down their expenditure as much as possible to stay afloat during these uncertain times.

Through offering the discounted add-ons, we want to contribute in a bid to support the world's companies during this challenging period. With that said, it helps to highlight the different types of applications provided by Alpha Serve:

Security Applications

Our team develops top-rated security solutions for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd, and more. For this reason, Alpha Serve has attracted security-concerned businesses from Fortune 500. Additional security layers for Atlassian software are actual especially when the world is switching to remote work.

Here are our security apps:

Project Excellence Applications

We create apps targeted to improve project team performance and make their daily routine more effective, for example, by introducing solutions for time tracking and reporting, replacing repetitive tasks in the issue by checklists or linking issues.

The Cloud versions of Checklist for Jira On-the-Fly, MailMe, and Smart Git Integration for Jira are permanently free for small teams up to 10 users. Anyway, all our apps and their versions have a free 30-day trial for all customers.

Business intelligence Applications

We create Business Intelligence connectors that aid in the monitoring of business activities using Jira data in the business analytics tools:

If you want to save on the final price of the add-on of your choice, feel free to contact us at to get a discount.

The Cloud versions of Power BI, Tableau, and BigQuery Connectors for Jira are permanently free for small teams up to 10 users. Anyway, all our apps and their versions have a free 30-day trial for all customers.

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