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Power BI Connector for Jira Improvements -Latest Releases Guide

We at Alpha Serve say that we are passionate about products, and it's not a mere name. We aim at improving our apps to create more usability and value to our users.

We carefully collect all feedback from the customers and release application additions and improvements on a regular basis.

Being one of our flagman applications, Power BI Connector for Jira is constantly enhanced.

What is now available in Power BI Connector for Jira?

Alpha Serve product team has been working on the 3 significant updates this August, and finally a number of important and long-awaited features are live now.

Power Query Support

Power BI Connector for Jira with Power Query Support
The most impressive feature is PowerQuery support. Now our connector users can merge and transform Jira data with other data sources in PowerQuery and easily create the dashboards with all required information.

Insight Assets Linking Options

Additional columns are in place now for linking Insight assets with Jira Issues and additional Insight tables in order to create descriptive assets management dashboards. According to our experience, assets management data can be huge so filtering and limitation options for Insight asset management tables are coming in early September.

Tempo Additions

For dashboards 'Logged time vs Billed time' additional data is now exported from Tempo plugin. Tempo Budgets plugin support is coming soon.

History Table Updates

Additional columns are added in the History table for easy 'two-click' visualization creation. Just select those columns to create the matrix for Time in Status and Time with Assignee. You'll get the reports of how much time did the issue spend in status or with a particular assignee. By filtering the results you can get the results for the time in the current status and with the current assignee.

3rd Party Applications Support

Power BI Connector for Jira with 3rd Party Applications Support
The huge piece of work was dedicated to providing support for custom fields of third-party plugins. Custom fields hold important information and have a variety of types which our plugin supports now!

What's Next?

Alpha Serve continues making the app better to create the user experience that is above expectations.

To support easier and flexible configuration for data sources a lot of improvements are planned to be added on admin's and user's sides in the coming weeks:

  1. Jira admin already has the ability to set a maximum number of tickets that can be exported at an instance level to stop misuse of the addon.

  2. By using the Basic filter per project only relevant fields will be shown for selecting.

  3. Users will be able to archive the connectors if there is a need to retain the connector without deleting and stop a connector from being accessed.

  4. The connector will show the usage statistics such as the average time it takes for data to be polled and the last time it was used, creation date and the date of the last update.

  5. Users will be warned against producing a connector that may result in an incredibly large data request.

Impressed? Do not hesitate to try Power BI Connector for Jira at no cost - get your free 30-day trial now.