The 10 Best Shopify Integrations on the Shopify App Store

Published: December 14, 2022
Last Updated: March 01, 2024
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E-commerce platforms such as Shopify empower you to establish an online store accessible to customers worldwide. However, the online marketplace is highly competitive, with numerous Shopify stores capitalizing on the substantial portion of consumers who make monthly online purchases.

In addition to delivering exceptional customer experiences, leveraging Shopify integrations facilitates efficient management of Shopify stores by automating and streamlining essential processes. Therefore, enhancing your Shopify store with integrations that offer additional features is critical for success. Explore our curated Shopify integrations list to improve your store's functionality.
Best Shopify Integrations: Top 10 Apps for Shopify Integration

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Mailchimp: Email Marketing

MailChimp is undoubtedly one of the most popular Shopify apps for email marketing and automation. Millions of business owners worldwide use MailChimp to spread the word about their products and services. Integrating Mailchimp With Shopify will help you set up and launch automated email campaigns for your Shopify store to update and re-engage customers.

Why Integrate with Shopify

MailChimp is an all-in-one email marketing tool that provides everything you need to launch successful email campaigns for your Shopify store. Integrating MailChimp for Shopify allows you to launch precision-targeted emails. This Shopify connector offers additional marketing and CRM tools to help you sell better, such as pre-built forms and landing pages.

Integration and Pricing

You can set up MailChimp Shopify Integration from this page in just a few clicks. MailChimp is free to install for up to 500 contacts. To learn more about Shopify connectors and additional features, you can sign up for a subscription starting at $11/month. The premium plan allows you to set up email automation for unlimited contacts and costs $299/month.


HubSpot is a sales, marketing, and customer relationship management tool for businesses. Integrating Hubspot to Shopify allows you to seamlessly link and export your Shopify store data to Hubspot.

Why Integrate with Shopify

HubSpot Shopify integration allows you to leverage all the sales, marketing, and CRM tools offered by HubSpot to boost results for your store. Syncing your store data to HubSpot lets you use the different data points to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts. This way, you can personalize and automate your marketing tactics effectively.

Integration and Pricing

You can set up Hubspot integration for Shopify here. Getting started is free, but there are paid options for additional features. The Basic Shopify plan is excellent for new businesses starting and costs $29/month. The Shopify and Advanced Shopify plans cost $79/month and $299/month, respectively.

Amazon by Codisto

With Amazon by Codisto Shopify, Shopify store owners can connect their stores directly to Amazon marketplaces. This way, they can sync their inventory and product details on Shopify to Amazon to sell directly from the platform. It simplifies creating product listings and fulfilling Amazon orders now on Shopify.

Why Integrate with Shopify

Since 2015, Amazon by Codisto has been assisting Shopify sellers with syncing with their Amazon marketplaces. Inventory and product details are synced in real-time. It is one of the most reliable Amazon integrations available.

Integration and Pricing

Codisto is 'launch ready,' meaning there's no need for complex data migration and other technicalities to connect these two eCommerce platforms. You can install the integration here. Users get a 30-day free trial, after which they can continue using the platform for free or subscribe to the starter plan or any other plans starting at $19/month for additional features.

QuickBooks Online Global

QuickBooks is a robust accounting solution that gives small business clients access to essential bookkeeping to keep track of their business income and expenses and also manage their tax and accounting tasks.

Why Integrate with Shopify

QuickBooks Online Global is one of Shopify integrations services that enables users to connect all their store data to the QuickBooks accounting platform. It allows them to import their sales data directly from Shopify to QuickBooks without manual data input. Synchronizing your data this way helps to save time, and it also ensures the accuracy of data inputs.

Integration and Pricing

Click here to integrate QuickBooks Online with your Shopify. The integration is free to install. However, you may sign up for higher plans starting from $30/month after a 1-month free trial.


A Shopify eBay integration allows Shopify store owners to sync their Shopify and eBay marketplaces to list their products and manage orders directly from Shopify.

Why Integrate with Shopify

A Shopify-eBay integration is perfect for those who want to tap into eBay as a new sales channel for their Shopify business and sell seamlessly across both platforms. It will effectively enhance your inventory and order management between both marketplaces. This Shopify marketplace integrations integration also offers built-in messaging and other communication tools to manage cross-platform customer interactions effectively.

Integration and Pricing

Start the integration for this platform by downloading the eBay connector here. Installing the app is free, but additional fees apply for listings and sales on eBay.


Zendesk provides multichannel customer support for businesses. It is a centralized platform where users can manage all their customer interactions, service requests, and queries swiftly and efficiently.

Why Integrate with Shopify

Zendesk Shopify integration benefits businesses by providing complete oversight over the customer support process and ensuring quick resolution of customer support tickets. In addition to centralizing customer interaction, a Zendesk-Shopify integration makes it easy to find and view pertinent Shopify customer data in Zendesk, such as billing, shipping, and order details from Shopify.

Integration and pricing

Add Zendesk to your Shopify by setting up the installation here. There is a 14-day free trial for new users. Pricing starts from $49 per agent per month for this integration and is billed annually.

Power BI Connector

This Power BI Connector makes No-Code integration of Shopify and Power BI possible. Syncing both platforms with this connector allows users to export Shopify data to Power BI for advanced visualization easily. They can also combine Shopify data with data from other business tools they use for advanced analytics in the BI tool.

Why Integrate with Shopify

This integration is a simple way to export Shopify store data to Power BI. Users can export unlimited data from their store. They also get access to advanced filters to determine the specific fields to explore, and the records are refreshed automatically to keep data up to date.

Integration and pricing

The best thing about this Shopify integration is how easy-to-setup it is. Download the connector here and have it set up in just a few clicks instead of writing complex codes. There's a free version available, and you can also pay for a premium subscription starting at $29/month.

Xero Bridge by Parex

Xero is an accounting and financial management software for managing your business transactions seamlessly from the same cloud-based platform. The Xero Bridge by Parex integration allows you to sync your Shopify Sales Data to Xero automatically.

Why Integrate with Shopify

A Shopify Xero integration enables you to keep track of your sales data, send invoices, and keep tabs on payments on Shopify using Xero. Your Shopify data, including customers, products, and orders, will be imported into Xero after this integration. This flexible tool lets you sync orders individually or import the data as a summary. Users also get to decide whether or not they want the data synced manually or automatically.

Integration and pricing

Pricing for this integration starts at $10/month. Users get a 7-day free trial, after which they must upgrade to a paid plan. Click here to start setting up Xero for Shopify.


ShipStation is an automated shipping and order management system. It offers Scan-based workflows, import automation, batch shipping, and many other features to manage to ship for your eCommerce store effectively. You can Integrate Shipstation with Shopify to connect your store to this platform and start automating and streamlining your shipping workflows.

Why Integrate with Shopify

Shipstation Shopify integration simplifies the shipping process for your product and can also help you save costs. Automation tools offered by this platform reduce how much time you'll spend on batching, splitting, and tagging your orders. It also results in a better experience for shoppers buying from your store.

Integration and pricing

Start the integration process here to set up Shipstation for Shopify. There is a 30-day free trial option for new users, after which you have to sign up for a starter plan at $9.99/month.

Tableau Connector

You can export Shopify data to Tableau to build reports and interactive visualization based on your store data. Through robust visualizations and advanced data analytics, Tableau helps you better understand your data. It enables you to generate insights about your customers and overall site performance.

Why Integrate with Shopify

The Tableau connector for Shopify offers a no-code integration for both platforms. Anyone can install this connector to export important Shopify data to Tableau for advanced analytics and visualization. Shopify store owners and managers will find this helpful connector for building those who want to develop custom Shopify reports based on their store data.

Integration and Pricing

The Tableau connector for Shopify allows you to sync both platforms without requiring coding. The connector is free to install with a subscription option starting at $29/month. You can get started with the setup here.


These are some of the best Shopify integrations into your Shopify store. They cover different aspects of running an Ecommerce effectively. You can find the right Shopify app based on your specific business needs and your most valuable features.

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