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Track time on projects and tasks with your team. Turn it to smart reports that keep your clients or managers in the loop

Time Tracker for Jira

Time Tracker for Jira
Time Tracker for Jira application is a simple instrument to track your hours and to generate smart work reports.

It enables easy generation of user or team reports, as well as additional filters and grouping options such as issue, worklog, or project can be applied to the reports. All of them have convenient printed versions. Moreover, user can export reporting data in several different formats, such as PDF, XLS/XLSX, or CSV.

Key Features

Group and Filter Your Timesheet Reports

Use our convenient filtering (by issue/worklog/project etc) and grouping (by project or several projects/ user etc) options to easily build time reports

Easy Export and Demonstrative Print Versions

Build the needed time reports and create demonstrative visual versions. Export data easily to PDF, XLS/XLSX, CSV and integrate time tracking data to your corporate reporting
Accurate time calculations
Each user can customize an application based on personal preferences due to the number of options to automate the time tracking. User-friendly interface allows users to quickly manage their working time tracking


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Time is one of the most important metrics to measure when running a project. This is especially true for agile IT teams.

In this article, you'll learn why it's important to track time in Jira, find best use cases for time reporting, and a detailed step-by-step guide to setting up time tracking in Jira.

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