Time Tracker for Jira — No more manual time tracking, only smart reports

Track time on projects and tasks with your team. Turn it to smart reports that keep your clients or managers in the loop

Time Tracker for Jira application is a simple instrument to track your hours and to generate work reports.

It enables easy generation of user or team reports, as well as additional filters for the user such as issue, worklog, or project can be applied to the report. Time Tracker for Jira is extremely simple in use: just click the "Start" button to start logging your time.

Time Tracker for Jira opens an additional functional window linked to an issue where time is being logged in at the moment, so the user has a reminder of what it is currently being tracked. This window can be resized or hidden for users' convenience.

Time tracking is mainly used for project schedule planning and time expectations management. Thanks to these reports, you can see the original and current time estimates for all the issues, and whether they are ahead or behind the original schedule.

Key Features

Flexible settings
Each user can customize an application based on personal preferences. A number of options to automate the time tracking routine are available.
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface allows users to quickly manage working time tracking activity in a convenient way.
Accurate time calculations
Forget about manual time tracking. Boost your productivity with automated time tracking.
Learn more from the video demo
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