Checklist for Jira — An alternative way to manage complicated tasks

A complete solution to manage your Acceptance Criterias and Definitions of Done without a hassle

Checklist app allows users to create checklists as a part of a solving Issue or completing Task. This gives opportunity to track your ToDo, Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done.

Additional pop-ups can be opened from particular Issue pages, containing examples of checklist elements. The user creates personalized elements depending on the issue work progress.

Users can mark progress with inline edit buttons. Predefined checklist item statuses "Open", "In progress" and "Done" are marked with specific colors to make current status obvious at a glance. Custom checklist statuses can be configured upon user demand.

Checklist for Jira is also a simple tool to track progress on complex issues or tasks, as well as to organise an effective workload.

Key Features

Convenient alternative to subtasks
Now you can easily split your complex tasks into clear, smaller steps. Checklist is a good alternative to subtasks when you need to manage complex tasks which can be divided into smaller segments. It allows you to have a detailed view of what needs to be done. It is the perfect fit to manage complicated recurrent tasks or issues.
Custom statuses
You are free to create any form of checklist with different statuses and customization options that are applicable to any business. Track the issue progress and share it with your team when relevant. Checklist is a helpful instrument to define and distribute your workload.
Checklist templates
You can create templates for different projects. Checklist templates help organise the entire task pull effectively, at the same time you have all your progress visualized, thus saving you time.
Learn more from the video demo
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