An alternative way to manage complicated recurrent tasks or issues

Jira Checklist plugin by Alpha Serve

Checklist plugin is a complete solution to manage your Acceptance Criterias and Definitions of Done without a hassle


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Checklist plugin allows users to create checklists as a part of solving Issue or completing Task. This gives the opportunity to track your ToDo, Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done.

Checklist is a simple tool to track progress on complex issues or tasks, manage recurrent processes and organise an effective workload. Create whatever checklist for Jira you need easily.

Key Features

Convenient alternative to subtasks
Split your complex tasks into clear steps. Have a detailed view of what needs to be done directly from the issue. Create checklists in Jira to easily manage complicated recurrent tasks or issues.
Custom statuses
Сreate any form of a checklist for Jira with various statuses and customization options to fit your internal processes. Track the issue progress and share it with your team. See vizualisation of the issue stage.
Checklist templates
Create convenient checklist templates for different projects. Organize your task pull effectively, and have all your progress visualized. Save your time on the recurrent issues using Checklist.


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  • per year for 50 users
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Jira is pretty effective as a collaborative tool. However, when it comes to sending emails directly from Jira to the users without access to the particular project, there are some inconvenient limitations of this tool that can be solved easily.

When you are running a project, measuring, calculating, estimating and evaluating its progress is necessary.