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When Does Your Company Need to Implement Project Management Tools

Are you still hesitating if it's time to start using a project management tool for your business while your competitors already made their picks? Then you are reading this blog post just in time. Continue reading, the arguments stated here will help you to decide.

It doesn't matter what niche you are working at. What does matter, is whether you want to duly fix up the work mode. This is especially topical in today's environment of tough worldwide competition where you need not only to survive but to struggle your way to success. When business surroundings are so vigorous, it's requisite for your company to have a uniform platform that accommodates all your tasks and business activities. Tasks within the platform are arranged according to the strategic objectives of your company.

When you see a big picture it is easier to set the final destinations for your seasoned business or startup. You can also efficiently plan out necessary investments taking into account all probable risks. Besides, a project management system will help you optimize the productivity of employees, which is a general pain as workers say that they are too busy while managers believe they are just lazy. Having all in one place you don't spend time on frictions as everything is so transparent that there's no space for ambiguity. Furthermore, you get total control over the team and personal performance which allows to schedule, compile and scan valid output data, and make regulations where they are needed.

A good project management software becomes your alter ego in the administration of all essential working processes carried out at your company. It is targeted at reaching corporate strategic objectives.
What Benefits Can Your Company Get of Using a Project Management System
When you are running a project you want to use all possible tools that will help you deliver on time and make customers happy. Here is a list of advantages an awesome project management system can provide:

  • You can communicate and interact with team members working on the project in real-time. Project management systems offer specialized tools intended for communication between people assigned to the tasks. When everyone is connected and gets fresh info and updates all the time, people can make adjustments immediately.

  • The software frees managers and employees from massive paperwork. They can redact and update their records within the document workflow.

  • Tracking your expenses is crucial and most of the systems offer appropriate functionality to calculate and control the prices.

  • You need to assess the risks, calculate the expected revenue and overall project budget. A project management system will help you cope with these tasks easily.

  • Nobody likes to make up reports. This is time-consuming especially when you need to collect the data. A project management software helps to generate insightful reports on the fly, you don't need to search for necessary information because every single bit is at hand. With the right tool, it won't be that hard to meet the deadline.

  • A great thing is that you don't need to have any special skills or technical knowledge to start using a project management system. You can interact with the admin panel without training or detailed instructions. A fool-proof interface enables a swift start and smooth interaction. In a few days, you will increase your capacity even more.
What Objectives Can You Reach Smoothly Applying a Project Management System
You have just read about the main advantages of using project management software. Now let's see what essential stages of managing a project can it facilitate with.

Every project starts with a projection. Creating a detailed plan is very important. You and your team get the idea of the project, events and upcoming tasks and the possibility to control the process. You can use the tool in different ways, this will affect the requirements. Here we list the most spread ones.

  • The tool is intended to help you with planning connected events.

  • For quick and simple large project stages segmentation and building work breakdown structure.

  • The tool will be surely useful for outlining the work and assigning people to the tasks.

  • Project management tools are irreplaceable when you need to come out with delivery time estimations. It will help to do it accurately for every task.

  • The tool is useful at the stage of setting task priorities, time, order, etc.

  • The tool will help you pack all data related to the project in a Gantt chart that is easy for perception.

  • Having a project management tool at hand you will be able to successfully run more than one project simultaneously.

Plenty of data lies behind every project. You need to manage it and display the information to the parties involved. Project management software offers a bunch of helpful reports and documents you'll love because they will free you from long hours of styling up the info output.

  • Employees can refer to the list of tasks. Data about assignments is also available.

  • Information about deadlines.

  • Warning about probable risks associated with the current project.

  • The tool provides you with data on workflow, its volatiles, and notional forecasts.
The team should communicate all the time while carrying out a project. Sometimes the overall project success depends on these interactions. An awesome project management software will be a great help in the communication procedures setup.

  • The software will help arrange meetings to resolve issues should they arise in your business.

  • The software is useful for recording the issues related to the project and for processing them

  • Project management software will assist you in handling the risks. It will be easier for you to control them.

  • You will be aware of the progress of the managed project with fresh accessible info on all events.
Arguments in Favor of Project Management Software Usage
Here are several most powerful:

  • Brings order into the workflow. As you know poorly organized working process rarely brings excellent final results.

  • Introduces commonly understood glossology. It ensures that all team members are on the same ground, use the same terminology and clearly understand each other.

  • Content management system makes all working processes universally apprehended by all team members.

  • All participants are aware of segregation and liabilities.

  • Project management software contains specifications to all tasks and processes.
Is Project Management Expensive?
We have reached one of the burning questions asked by all CEOs and project managers. The answer is always "it depends". Internet is full of open source solutions. So, if your requirements are basic and your budget is tight you may consider them.

Though, we advise you to look through the list of best paid software. You'll see that the fees are not critical and the investments pay off as a huge scope of work is carried on autopilot.

Ask yourself what features of the project management software are crucial for you. Don't chase expensive all-in-one packages. You will use some of the features they include next to never. So, stick to bare minimum. Think of the size of your team. Software cost depends on the number of users.

Learn more about the available variants in the next article section.
Top-Rated Project Management Software
Jira is a project management software that perfectly fits for running agile web development projects. It will help with planning, progress tracking, and on-time release of the software. Agile teams love Jira.

Jira enables users to:

  • Create stories

  • Plan sprints

  • Track issues

  • Ship cutting-edge software

  • Generate reports

  • Improve teams

  • Create custom workflows
Jira is Atlassian product. The software seamlessly integrates with numerous tools that considerably extend its rich default functional.
2. ProWorkflow
Proworkflow project management software is a feature-rich productivity application. It is rather user-friendly. The tool provides great free support, training, and consultations. You will get business on the rails in no time.

Proworkflow enables users to:

  • Manage tasks and projects

  • Track time

  • Structure contacts

  • Generate business reports
Office Timeline is the best tool for creating impressive timelines and Gantt charts in no time. It is a PowerPoint add-on. If using traditional project management software seems complicated for you and you don't need too many features. Only the ones that help to professionally present essential milestones and timelines, try Office Timeline. It will provide you with the right visualizing tool.
Easy Projects software is a simple software that helps you do the job. It will help you arrange your team and stay within the budget while delivering on time. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and transfer your workflow into a web-based system.
With AceProject no task will stay unattended. It will help you track your project until its completion. The software can be used either by teams or individuals. AceProject includes a variety of tracking tools that will keep your project within budget and time frames. It's easy to enter time, the action with a Time Clock is almost automated. The users can quickly overview their projects info from the Dashboard. The data is displayed in detailed color-coded graphs. Gantt charts show the project progress, so you will take only cognizant actions and decisions.
Final Thoughts
We hope now you know if it's time to invest in a project management software, what benefits you will get with its implementation, how it will affect your productivity and simplify processes at every stage of running a project.

Maybe you even know which project management software you want to use and why. We would be happy if you share your thoughts in the comments section. Still have questions as to the necessity of project management software implementation or not sure which solution to choose? Ask us!