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Top 7 Scrum Tools for Agile Projects [2019 Edition]

When you are running an Agile project, 100% of your focus is on the final result. To be more accurate, your ultimate goal is customer satisfaction with the delivered product. However, the project manager responsibilities are not limited to this. You must coordinate the workflow of your team, set tasks, control performance, track deadlines, and complete additional tasks to complete the project.

We understand that you may want to clone yourself but it's expensive and illegal (just kidding). Moreover, we know a simpler, quicker, and more efficient way of solving the problem. For instance, you can get a Scrum tool for your Agile projects. Modern project management tools can handle most of your work, ensuring that the project gets done and you can sleep better.

Decent Scrum Management Tools will meet all the requirements for your Agile projects. These tools use a set of practices native for Agile projects to emphasize daily communication. What's best is a flexible reassessment of plans that are carried out in short, iterative phases of work.

Not sure which Scrum tool is the best for your project? Take a look at our list that includes top Scrum tools accompanied by brief functionality descriptions. It should make the process of choice swifter.
Jira products were built to assist teams of all types in managing their work. Jira has brilliant solutions for Software companies, IT corps, Business organizations, Ops teams, and many more. In a word, you will find the right software for your enterprise among Jira products.
Main features
  • Customizable Scrum boards to help team members stay concentrated on delivering repeating value without delay.

  • Flexible Kanban boards show your team members their tasks. This makes it easier for employees to deliver the best results within strict time frames.

  • Roadmaps let you outline the bigger picture and inform the stakeholders about the plans. They link to the work of your team. Everything is only a few clicks away in Jira Software Cloud.

  • Team members can overview the reports on their performance in every sprint via Agile reporting. The system provides informative real-time reports together with insightful grasps.

  • Issues can be connected to code. Just take the information from version control that you like the most. Next build deployment or feature flagging tool into Jira Software and you'll get an immediate overlook of your development process.

  • You can create custom filters using Jira Query Language (JQL) to make the software even more usable.

  • The software can be integrated with developer tools for utmost traceability.

  • If you want to extend the capacity of Jira Software, you can do it with 3,000+ apps.

  • You can create customizable workflows that match the work style of your company.

  • With Jira Mobile apps you can control your project from any location and any device.
Starting from $7 per month, with cloud of self-management options. Free 7-day trial available.
Description caters to the needs of small, medium, and large-sized companies. It binds employees to work processes, allowing them to have deadlines, timelines, and progress tracking at their fingertips. Employees are thus more involved, pooled, and authorized.
Main features
  • It's easy to start and get to work with You choose a template (there are many for all types of projects), customize it (visualize essential info in columns, track time, see who is responsible for each, add text, links, numbers, mark locations, etc.), and start working (invite employees and assign them to tasks).

  • The tool simplifies communication to successfully finish the project. There is no need to lose time for meetups and endless emails. Keep all important sheets, checklists, files, briefs, and conversations sorted out in one place.

  • The software provides visibility of everything you need for utmost productivity including files, timelines, calendar, Kanban, and so much more.

  • At any time you can see which employee is working on any specific task. Having the information on hand, you can distribute tasks among your team members. This ensures on-time delivery of projects.

  • Solve your daily management tasks on the go with the help of the mobile app.

  • You can easily integrate the tool with Dropbox, Excel, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Integromat, Slack, Trello, and Zapier to make the platform even more powerful.
Starting from $17 per month. Free trial available.
Sprints by Zoho sticks to agile philosophy as it is a user-friendly agile tool that makes changes and delivers quality products on schedule. Everything can be done from one place: appoint meetings, create user stories, personalized scrum boards, and add points of estimation. Sprint offers apps for both Android and iOS which provide you the freedom of collaboration as you go!
Main features
  • Customize a scrum board according to your requirements (fields, priorities, labels). When the work is completed just drag the related items across the board.

  • Use scrum backlog to assign priority to the tasks and stay calm knowing that all planning jobs have been done thoroughly.

  • Style up the information you want to share into burndown and velocity charts, and cumulative flow diagrams provided by the tool.

  • No collaboration is possible without communication. Use Sprints Meetings module to benefit from friendly cheer as well as critical assessment.

  • View every aspect of your projects visually presented in the form of pie charts and graphs. Know who is busy with what task, where, and how much time it takes.

  • Log time by tracking paid and unpaid hours. This is required to get your salary.
Starting from €12 per month. Free trial available.
Visual Paradigm is a solid cross-platform project management tool for IT companies. The innovative platform enables software developers to build smart apps quicker, better, and at a lower cost.
Main features
  • Visual Paradigm offers uml tools to draw all types of UML 2.x diagrams.

  • Software development projects will benefit from using UeXceler. This agile development methodology includes theory, principles, and helpful agile tools (like user story map, Affinity Table, UX design tools like storyboards, wireframes, etc.)

  • Model the database with the help of Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and ORM Diagram. The platform enables you to draw them.

  • Model process with Business process diagram, Data flow diagram, Event-driven process chain diagram, Process map diagram, and Organization Chart.

  • Access relational database in an object-relational approach when you write the code. Visual Paradigm generates an object-relational mapping layer that incorporates the following features - transaction support, pluggable cache layer, connection pool, and customizable SQL statement.

  • Use team collaboration support to model VPository or VP Teamwork Server technologies.

  • Speed up the writing software specification with Doc. Composer. It offers a variety of customizable documents templates.
Starting from $6 per month. Free 30-day trial available.
ClickUp has been initially developed for internal usage but is now used to increase team productivity in your business. ClickUp can free project manager's hands for more important things as almost all work lives inside the platform.
Main features
  • Your projects move successfully to completion with organized collaboration and reporting.

  • Organize calendars, schedule time, manage team capacity, track milestones, and sync everything with Google Calendar.

  • Integrate easily and connect with your favorite productivity tools for the best results.

  • Customize spaces, features, workflows, and tags according to your requirements

  • Download the app on all the devices to keep an eye on your projects 24/7.
Free plan & free trial available. Paid plans start from $5.
GitHub is a web development platform that is inspired by your work style. It enables you to handle software development projects side-by-side with 40 million developers.
Main features
  • The tool features built-in review options to host and review code.

  • Integrate with apps you can find on GitHub Marketplace.

  • Coordinate tasks, stay tuned, and optimize output whatever the size of the team.

  • Write up comprehensive documents specifying all the awesome features of the software you develop.

  • Store all your code in one place. The platform (with its 100+ million hosted projects) provides repositories equipped with tools to help you host, version, and release private, public, or open-source code.
Free plan and free trial available. Pro plan costs $7 per month.
LeanKit is a visual project management and delivery tool. Lean principles implementation is advantageous for all types of teams with all levels of the organization. Whether you are using Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall, or other methodology, LeanKit gets rid of the waste and maximizes the success rate of your project delivery.
Main features
  • The tool allows consuming information visually.

  • Remove the guts and waste from your work process to maximize the output.

  • Use Lean Metrics to measure your workflow and find the starting points for improvement.

  • The platform is scalable; increase the number of projects, teams, and locations.
Starting from $19 per user/month. Free 30-day trial available.
Final Thoughts
You have just viewed a compilation of best Scrum tools of 2019 recommended for Agile projects. We hope the info was helpful and now you know which tool you would like to try. Of course, the above collection barely scratches the surface of the current Scrum project management tools market. So, if you are using some other solution right now and ready to disclose it, your comments are welcome down below.