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SQL Connector for Jira Achieves Atlassian Cloud Fortified Certification

Published: August 2, 2023
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
Chief Executive Officer at Alpha Serve
Alpha Serve team is excited to share the fantastic news that our SQL Connector for Jira has been granted the highly-regarded status of an Atlassian Cloud Fortified app. This accomplishment marks a critical turning point for our product and reaffirms our commitment to providing unmatched data security, company dependability, and customer support.
SQL Connector for Jira Achieves Atlassian Cloud Fortified Certification

What is the Atlassian Cloud Fortified Apps Program

The Atlassian Cloud Fortified Apps Program is a specialized initiative by Atlassian, the renowned software company behind products like Jira, Confluence, and more. This program aims to give customers a sense of trust and confidence while choosing applications from Atlassian Marketplace, especially for larger enterprises and those with critical business requirements. It promotes app visibility and distribution, making it simpler for enterprise clients to assess and choose apps that are appropriate for their requirements.

Requisites for Achieving Atlassian Cloud Fortified App Status

App developers must adhere to strict guidelines for enterprise preparedness in order to be accepted into the Atlassian Cloud Fortified Apps Program. This ensures that their apps are dependable and appropriate for widespread use. The eligibility requirements encompass three critical areas:

1. Security programs

App developers must actively participate in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program and Security Self-Assessment Program to ensure the apps meet robust security standards and are well-protected against potential vulnerabilities.

2. Reliability programs

Apps must demonstrate their reliability through core capability Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and tests and implement effective incident management practices to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

3. Support programs

App developers must provide a dedicated support point of contact and respond to critical, high-severity support tickets within one day (24 hours), five working days a week, in the local timezone of the Marketplace Partner.
After fulfilling these strict requirements, apps are given the Cloud Fortified designation in recognition of their superior performance in data security, dependability, and customer satisfaction.

Atlassian Recognizes SQL Connector for Jira as Cloud Fortified App

Atlassian Recognizes SQL Connector for Jira as Cloud Fortified App
SQL Connector for Jira is an advanced app that simplifies exporting Jira data to SQL Databases for operational reporting and analysis. The connector offers a no-code integration, allowing users to seamlessly transfer unlimited Jira data to their preferred SQL database quickly and without requiring programming skills. It supports SQL databases, including PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, and H2, further enhancing its versatility and adaptability to suit diverse organizational needs. The SQL Connector for Jira automation capabilities streamlines the Jira data replication process, ensuring regular updates with flexibility and consistency.

To become an Atlassian Cloud Fortified app, SQL Connector for Jira completed the program's stringent standards. These requirements include active participation in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program and Security Self-Assessment Program, ensuring a robust safety program involvement. Additionally, the connector demonstrated reliability by adhering to core capability SLOs (Service Level Objectives) and conducting incident management. Moreover, SQL Connector for Jira provides timely and efficient customer support, responding to T1 support tickets within 24 hours, five working days a week.

With the prestigious recognition of becoming a Cloud Fortified app, SQL Connector for Jira further solidifies its position as a leading solution on the Atlassian Marketplace.

We are immensely proud of this achievement, and it motivates us to continue enhancing our product to serve our existing and future clients better worldwide. We remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled value and reliability to our users and look forward to embarking on this new chapter as an Atlassian Cloud Fortified app, furthering our mission to empower organizations with the best integration tools for Jira.

Join us today and experience the enhanced data security, reliability, and exceptional support our SQL Connector for Jira can provide to your organization's data integration needs. Thank you for your continued trust and support. Take the next step towards data excellence with our trusted BI Connectors for Jira today!

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