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Atlassian Сertification: When Do You Really Need It

Published: October 23, 2019

Updated: April 25, 2024

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Atlassian Сertification: When Do You Really Need It
Atlassian is a famous developer, known and valued for its top-notch products. Many organizations use their software these days.

The Corporation creates apps for software development teams, project managers, as well as managers of the content. However, most of the consumers know Atlassian for Jira, a company app for tracking issues and Confluence, a product for keeping a database, sharing documents, and collaboration of the team. More than 135 000 clients use Atlassian apps to run their businesses.

Why do entrepreneurs like Atlassian products? Because they give teams the possibility to collaborate efficiently on projects and deliver on time.

Who are Atlassian tools aimed at? They fit equally well for startups and seasoned enterprises. Those tools are irreplaceable for those who want to unleash their team potential.

It is a table of contents. Click on the needed subheading and switch between parts of the article.

Most Popular Atlassian Products

Atlassian offers a range of products for different business purposes. Let's take a quick look at some of them.
Jira is a smart tool for managing agile teams of developers. It helps to outline, monitor, and release high-quality software.
Bitbucket is a tool for teams to write code together, manage Git depots, in a word, to collaborate while developing and releasing software.
Store all project documentation in one place that everybody working on the project can access. When you can create and discuss documents in a well-organized manner, you save time to actually get the job done.
Jira Align merges the worlds of business and technology. This is a platform to smooth cooperation between your teams - strategic that generates ideas and technical that implements them.
Sourcetree is an elementary app to hitch Git and Mercurial power.
Trello with its visual boards allows teams to collaborate, organize the workflow and reach great results. You can drag and drop tasks structuring them, have fun and enjoy the utmost flexibility.
Jira Service Desk is a tool using which your clients can ask for help in an intuitive way. Any critical situation can be solved quickly and hassle-free.
Bamboo Server is a professional software for uninterrupted integration, development, and handling.
It's very important not to lose control in case of incidents. Opsgenie will help you send notifications to all people in charge of solving the problem. This is achieved with the alerting system and on-call schedules.
The goal of Statuspage is to help you out during the incidents. Inform your users about their status in real-time without the risk to drown in the flood of support emails. The service is similar to DigitalOcean, Dropbox, and Intercom.

The list of Atlassian products goes on. But you are not here to learn about all Atlassian products but to decide if you need to get certified by the corp or not, so let's get closer to the matter.

Why Is Atlassian Certification Beneficial for Your Career

Atlassian Certification Benefits
Since many organizations use Atlassian products you have a good chance to grow your career if you validate your expert skills.

There is a big difference between knowing Atlassian tools and being a certified professional. Experts are recognized by companies internationally.

Having a certificate from Atlassian will give you a strong advantage in the eyes of employers and recruiters. It will immediately differentiate you from the competition and open new horizons for your career.

If you don't plan to change your job, training and certification as the final touch will give you the requisite knowledge to make the best of Atlassian tools your team is using. You can boost the efficiency of the platforms and help the employees unleash their working capacity.

Certification will help you become a competence authority in your company. People will come to you because your credibility is beyond any doubt. You are the first person they will think about in case of an incident.

What Does the Process of Certification Look Like

At first, you need to enroll in training. This is half the battle. No matter what skills and expertise level you are planning to reach, there are classes for everyone. The best way to learn the administration of Atlassian tools is by attending training from authorized experts.

For instance:

  • Taking Jira Project Administrator classes you will learn how to shape projects and entire boards, modify the process of work and assign permissions on the project.

  • Taking Jira Administrator classes you will learn to run, customize, and fine-tune Jira Server for any business or development team.

  • Taking Agile Team Members classes you will enhance abilities to streamline Jira Software for teams of developers.

  • Taking Jira Service Desk Administrator classes you will learn to run and set up Jira Service Desk Server for your service administration teams

  • Taking Confluence Administrator classes you will ensure that your team is getting the best experience while generating and operating content

  • Taking System Administrator classes you will learn how to optimize Jira and Confluence at the back-end and achieve peak outlay.
Atlassian Certification Process
After taking classes you need to practice the acquired skills. You need this experience to pass the exam. This is a required condition. Make sure you are aware of the level of experience and topics of the test and go ahead in studying the product.

The next step is taking certification courses that prepare you for the exam. You will get to know how the exam is going on, receive valuable advice from an insider, answer questions similar to those at the exam, and get helpful guidance.

You also need to read product documentation by Atlassian to study it inside-out, learn the descriptions of functional features.

It would be very helpful to join the community of your peers, people who are going to take a certification exam. Chat with them, read their answers to questions you have and share your knowledge as a member of the Atlassian community.

When you are ready to take the exam, look for your certification, take simple steps to set up a personal account and register via certification portal.

Taking an exam and getting certification from Atlassian is only an initial step. After that, you can continue earning badges. Those badges assert that your product knowledge is getting stronger. When you have your badge, certifications are prolonged by 18 months.

Atlassian certification has four levels. Earn any of them and you become an acknowledged certified master. You can enjoy this status while the certification is valid.

Takeaways - When & Why Do You Need to Get Certified By Atlassian

If you can boast in-depth knowledge, vast experience, and top-level skills with Atlassian products it's time to back all these by certification recognized internationally. This will surely drive your career as you will join the premier league of experts holding official endorsement by Atlassian.

Here is a brief compilation of advantages you get together with certification:

  • Declare yourself as a team leader possessing unique capabilities.
  • Help teams become more productive maximizing the efficiency of Atlassian tools for them.
  • Become an irreplaceable Atlassian agent for the company. Win the trust of your teammates and managing staff.
  • Reveal new shining opportunities to build your career.
  • If you like your current experience with Atlassian products, you will enjoy the advanced mode even more.
If you need to discuss your certification with the boss, you may use this justification letter template to start the negotiations.

Need more arguments for the manager. Refer to the next section.

Why Is It Beneficial for Employer to Hire Professionals Certified by Atlassian

Why Hire Professionals Certified by Atlassian
When entrepreneurs invest in technology they expect that it will pay off soon. Having an employee that is certified by Atlassian is a guarantee of ROI.

It's not easy to get certified by Atlassian. A person will have to overcome all challenges, gain the required field experience, drill numerous skills, and learn tons of material. Such a diligent and intelligent worker is a real find for any employer. But that's not all. Atlassian continues to educate a certified pro so that a person improved their knowledge and stayed tuned to all today's and coming technologies developed by Atlassian.

Eventually, it all boils down to these:

  • Having a certified master in the team gives an employer peace of mind about the return of money spent on purchasing Atlassian tools.
  • Having an Atlassian representative at place allows to tailor the tools for the team's needs and enable users to unleash their potential to the fullest.
  • Needless to say that having an expert insider from Atlassian corp is great luck as they are aware of the custom enterprise requirements and are able to adjust the tools to fit perfectly fine for achieving corporate objectives.

A certification from Atlassian can be considered a solid contribution to employees' skill set. This is the way to test, hire and educate employees. Manager certifying their team enhances loyalty and retention because employees have a good chance to study and reach new professional perspectives.

I hope now you know for sure if it's time for you to get certified by Atlassian. Still not sure if you should get certified by Atlassian? Let's talk in the comments!

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