Alpha Serve + Atlassian

Year in Review 2021

Here’s what happened over the last twelve months
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    We launched 6 new apps on the Atlassian Marketplace in 2021 and 5 of our apps received Cloud Fortified status.
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    Our BI Connectors reached 2500+ active installs.
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    The audience of our blog readers has tripled and reached 70,000 readers.
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    We have hosted 6 community events, and have held 5 live presentations.
Anna Odrinskaya, Chief Strategy Officer:
"2021 has been both driving and challenging at a time. We have significantly grown in installations and customers, and at the same time widened our portfolio with 6 new apps. I’m thankful to the Alpha Serve team for their energy, enthusiasm, and hard work that brought us to such results. I hope that 2022 will bring us a lot of interesting tasks and challenges."

Anna Odrinskaya
CSO at Alpha Serve

Our Products

Alpha Serve + Atlassian | Year in Review
This past year has been quite a significant one for Alpha Serve in terms of our growth and participation in new interesting projects.

We were focused mainly on software integrations, which is a prime aspect of today’s digital transformation. We believe that by connecting various data sources, platforms, and devices we can help businesses reach flawless connectivity between different components of their ecosystems. We have developed 6 new applications. In particular, we have added Canva and MS Forms functionality to Confluence and made it possible to integrate Jira Cloud with powerful communication, graphic design, and data management tools like Azure Communication Services, Amazon Chime, Canva, and BigQuery.

Our previous efforts were not in vain: our BI connectors were installed over 2500 times.

In the last 12 months, our relations with Atlassian have reached a new level of cooperation as we have received a Cloud Fortified Status. It is quite important for our team to make our customers sure that they choose reliable and safe applications with perfect support options.

We have also joined Atlassian’s initiative and made our apps free for small teams of up to 10 users. We want our products to be available for all the companies, big and small.

Last but not least, in 2021, our Power BI Connector for Jira was regularly ranked among the fastest-growing Atlassian Marketplace apps according to Blended Perspectives MARS (Marketplace Analytics Research Service) analysis, and ended the past year as the number one fastest-growing paid app by percentage growth with a 12,3% growth.


New Applications

Active Installs of BI Connectors

Atlassian Cloud Fortified Apps

Online Events

This year, we have participated for the first time in JiraCon, the biggest conference for the Atlassian User Community
The year was very driving and rich in different activities. Over the course of 2021, we have hosted 6 Atlassian Community events, and in addition, we have held 5 live presentations. This year, we have participated for the first time in JiraCon ’21, the biggest conference for the Atlassian User Community, and have joined EASE, the community of more than 6000 IT-industry representatives of Ukraine and Europe, who work in Software and Hardware Development, UI/UX Design, Robotics, and other IT-related areas.

Community Events Hosted

Live Presentations Held

Blog Readers

A very important part of 2021 was the work on our blog and website, as we love to create meaningful content for our growing audience. As a result, our blog community has increased by 70,000+ new users over the past 12 months.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to our readers and everyone who has been involved in writing articles. The content turned out to be really useful and this is confirmed by the numbers below:

New Blog Posts

Blog Readers

New Customers

In addition to developing new applications, we have been constantly working to improve our existing products. The level and quality of all items in our portfolio have grown tremendously in 2021. As a result, the adoption of our software products continued and a number of new customers have joined us this year. Among them were companies such as DHS, Forbes, Nokia, Western Union, and LV.

We are truly grateful to all our customers for choosing us.

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