Alpha Serve at Unleash and Partner Accelerate in Amsterdam

Published: December 28, 2023
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
PhD, Business Development & Partnership Manager at Alpha Serve
On December 10 - 12th, our Business Development & Partner Manager, Khrystyna Shparyk was visiting a great event by Atlassian in Amsterdam – Unleash and Partner Accelerate.

Three days were full of inspiring talks by the experts and Atlassian leaders. The main topics were why developers' experience matters, how to boost productivity with AI, and, of course, end-of-server support and cloud migration. The experts said 2023 was a year of mergers and acquisitions for Atlassian partners. We also looked at new features in Jira Software, Compass, and Jira Align. Still, the main question was - where is the Atlassian going?
Alpha Serve at Unleash and Partner Accelerate in Amsterdam
We were excited to participate in Partner Accelerate on Wednesday, an event designed to provide insightful workshops and presentations for the Atlassian Community. It was a day of compelling sessions and networking opportunities.

Appfire introduced the first presentation about Agile Solutions. They explored the powerful interaction between Atlassian and Appfire as they unveiled a targeted, agile solution designed to elevate your project management capabilities.

The second presentation was about the Connected Enterprise - Beyond Wildest Destinations. The industry experts discussed the possibilities and opportunities of fostering a connected enterprise.

Then, we had a Journey to Enterprise Agility. The audience gained valuable insights into the transformative journey toward enterprise agility and discovered strategies to navigate challenges and unlock the organization's full potential.

Later, we talked about Product Management Ahead: Jira Product Management Deep Dive. It was about how to help agile teams capture and prioritize ideas, align stakeholders, and track projects to success. And how to discover, plan, prioritize development work, and measure the outcome.

Of course, one of the most engaging topics was Atlassian Intelligence - Accelerating the Connected Enterprise. We discover the latest advancements in AI that will shape the future of the Atlassian ecosystem. AI combines state-of-the-art models developed by OpenAI with the power and data inside the Atlassian platform. It means it provides a native artificial intelligence experience that is contextual to you, your teams, and your workflows, all in a way that respects the privacy of your data.

Then, we had an in-depth session on "Compass," charting how to improve your software health and engineering standards and create a better developer experience. Compass was built with extensibility to help you easily integrate with any of your internal or third-party tools. You can customize the product UI and build new capabilities at the component, team, or global level with Compass.

Afterward, we had an AMA with Matthew Schwimmer, Head of Product, Agile DevOps at Atlassian. The audience was asking questions about the strategies and visions of the Atlassian ecosystem. Matthew also emphasized that a new partner program will not be introduced this year.

The last one was the Partner Training by Sam Tsubota, Product Manager - Enterprise Agility, about how to unlock the power of your data with Enterprise Insights. Enterprise Insights makes bringing your Jira Align data into your other business intelligence solutions, such as visualization and reporting tools or an enterprise data lake, easier. Our Business Development and partner Manager highlights this presentation as the most interesting.

To conclude, Unleash + Partner Accelerate was the best event in Europe, and the training was also excellent! It is a perfect conference for collaboration, partnership, and learning! We extend our gratitude to Atlassian for hosting such a fantastic event. And we would like to thank our partners for three days of insightful conversations and discussions. It was a perfect end-of-year event, and we are excited for everything that awaits us in 2024.

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