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The Role of Test Automation in Security Authentication and Testing

Published: October 06, 2021

Updated: August 19, 2022

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Speed-to-market is a vital factor in the modern software development landscape. But then, you cannot focus more on pace and ignore how hostile the security environment is today. Businesses are reporting data breaches daily. This makes the integration of security testing into the software development process critical.

But, infusing security tests without slowing processes has made software developers consider automation. Using software testing tools helps increase the quality of developed software. This article will look into the role of automation in software testing.

Let's get into it.

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The Role of Test Automation in Security Authentication and Testing
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1) Improving Threat Analysis

Organizational security relies on the ability to analyze and focus on security threats. This is one of the crucial things that test automation helps you achieve. Automation helps cut the cost of data breaches by 95% by improving security analysis.

The main thing for organizations is finding the right software testing tools. An ideal security testing tool should need little to no human input. This will allow security teams to focus more on matters that need their attention. Besides, the organization needs to decide what security tasks to automate.

2) Increasing Test Coverage

A massive test coverage means you can release more software to the market. Besides, it means keeping an eye on every vulnerability your business could face. The best way to achieve it is by using automation testing software. Doing this without automation isn't possible because of time constraints.

Automation testing software will make it easier to check all the vital parameters. It also increases testing speed, making it possible to do more tests. It is also more scalable, meaning you won't have any challenges when demand increases.

3) Reducing False Alerts

Alert accuracy is an essential factor for achieving better software security. False positives and negatives can have a massive impact on a business's cybersecurity. Human error is one of the biggest reasons you may have false alerts in the software testing process.

Automation helps reduce the chances of having a false alert as a software developer. With automation testing software, you get to identify any potential malicious activity. Thus, the software is less likely to expose you to a threat or raise false alarms. This ensures you don't panic or misuse resources responding to a false alarm.

4) Increasing Test Result Accuracy

Security teams base their decision-making on the results of security tests. This means that accuracy in the results will lead to the right decisions and vice versa. There's a possibility of getting wrong results when conducting manual security tests. This, as mentioned before, is because of human error.

But you can increase test result accuracy by investing in software testing tools. Automation makes it possible to remain productive even with monotonous security testing tasks. It reduces the chances of any threat going unnoticed and leading to a costly data breach.

5) Improving Efficiency

Automation testing software also helps improve testing efficiency in a business. The software testing process is lengthy and includes a lot of different steps. For instance, web testing involves security testing, UI testing, and many more. Getting a good flow in every step is what efficiency is all about.

Software testing tools help ensure that your security workflow is smooth. An automation tool will do almost every step of the process in the background, leaving you with little to do. It also analyzes the security testing results for you.
This makes it easy to make decisions to improve your software testing and security. In the end, it impacts the amount of software that a business can release into the market.
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6) Helps Cut Testing Costs Down

The many hours you spend doing security tests come with a cost. This is because you can spend it doing more productive things and increase your revenue. The best thing about automation is that it saves you all this valuable time. It also cuts down the running costs of software testing.

Besides, software testing tools help you detect threats early enough. This means that you can correct the issues before they escalate and become costly. It can take time to find bugs if you are running manual tests. This can lead to supplying a faulty product to the customers. This will be bad for the brand reputation that is costly in this market.

7) Make Test Scheduling Possible

Security testing should be a continuous process for the best results. Attackers could be planning to hit you the moment you keep your guard down. But then, employing 24/7 security teams can be tricky. This is especially for small businesses that run on meager budgets. Automation can save you all the stress.

You can deploy software testing tools to watch your network 24/7. Your team will receive alerts in case of a potential threat at any time. Besides, automation testing software allows you to schedule tests. This ensures that security testing and monitoring will continue even during out-of-office hours.

8) Increasing Testing Speed

As mentioned earlier, the demand for software is high, and it keeps soaring every day. This means that software developers need to work round the clock. Otherwise, they won't supply enough software to meet the market demand. But, the need to conduct security tests can reduce productivity. This is especially for a business using manual processes.

The best thing to do is use automation software to increase testing speed. Automation helps you release software that meets the demand without compromising on quality. Also, it shortens lengthy processes such as end-to-end testing. This makes the whole testing process more manageable.

Besides, it increases testing speeds making processes smooth and fast. This is one of its vital roles that makes software testing tools worth investing in today. As a software developer, this is reason enough to invest in automation. It will give you a competitive edge by increasing security and improving trust.

Will Test Automation Replace Manual Testing Completely?

Many people ask whether software developers will rely on automation alone in the future. Well, this may not be possible in the software industry. Besides, technology hasn't replaced humans in almost every industry it has been applied to. Technology has only gotten used to help save time, costs and increase efficiency.

Otherwise, human beings are still important even with technology. Thus, test automation won't replace manual testing in the long term. Instead, it will help speed up benchmark tests, saving software developers a lot of time. It takes a longer time to do benchmark tests with humans only.

Besides, automation will help software developers repeat these tests with a consistent setup. Humans cannot guarantee consistency, especially when doing repetitive tasks. They can get tired and bored with the monotony of the tests. This isn't the case with automation tools, as they can do repetitive work.

Another reason why this may not happen is because of the costs involved in implementing automation. Well, test automation can save a business a lot of money in the long term. But, the initial costs of setting it up in your business can be high, especially for small businesses.

Lastly, manual automation still is essential because tests are becoming more complex. It can be tricky to ensure proper security testing in such a complex environment. Your security tests are more likely to be smooth and successful with manual testing.

Why Then Invest in Test Automation?

Test automation will continue to get applied in the software industry in the future. Thus, it is a technology that every software developer needs to invest in to succeed. One reason to invest in test automation is because of the benefits technology brings. It isn't easy for a business to remain competitive without using it.

Manual testing is becoming outdated. Most businesses apply it where automation isn't viable. This is because manual processes are slow. But it is also because there's a high demand for software. This has prompted software developers to increase their speeds. Automation can help businesses produce enough software to meet this demand.

It would be best to consider automation for better consistency. As discussed before, you cannot rely on humans when it comes to consistency. This is especially with repetitive tasks such as software testing.

Minor human errors that come with fatigue or boredom can turn costly for businesses. For instance, they can affect the ease of use or navigability of the software. Besides, such errors can also leave security holes. This is what exposes business and customer data to theft and manipulation.


The popularity of software testing tools has increased in recent times. This has been a result of people becoming more security conscious. The demand for secure software is surging today. This is because more people and businesses are reporting cyberattacks daily.

Manual testing has not been as efficient in ensuring software is secure. Most businesses combine automation with manual testing to reduce exposure to cyber threats. This is vital as the demand for more security-conscious software keeps increasing.

Automation software makes the security testing process smooth and more efficient. For instance, it makes detecting security holes during end-to-end testing much more effortless. This article has discussed the role of test automation in security testing. You now need to invest in the right test automation software tools.