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Alpha Serve Became Official monday.com Silver App Marketplace Partner

Published: February 29, 2024
Last Updated: May 07, 2024
Chief Executive Officer in Alpha Serve
Alpha Serve, a renowned supplier of top-notch data connection solutions and now a member of the Tempo Software family, proudly announces our recent achievement of Silver Marketplace Partner status in the monday.com ecosystem. This exciting milestone is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional apps for monday.com and making a significant impact on our clients. Positioned as a Silver Marketplace Partner, we offer increased value and support to clients, running the latest tools, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and empowering organizations to excel.
Alpha Serve Became Official monday.com Silver App Marketplace Partner
Alpha Serve's achievement of monday.com Silver Marketplace Partner status heralds significant advantages for customers leveraging our Power BI and Tableau Connectors for monday.com. With this achievement, customers can expect enhanced integration capabilities, improved support and responsiveness, early access to innovative features, influence on product development, and assurance of quality and reliability. These combined benefits promise a more streamlined and impactful integration experience, empowering customers to optimize their data workflows, derive actionable insights, and ultimately achieve greater success in their business endeavors.

Moreover, as Silver-tier partners, our position as a globally recognized leader, providing leading-edge data connectivity solutions. It also underscores the collective dedication of every member of the Alpha Serve team, who continually strive to exceed expectations. Additionally, we gain access to valuable benefits from monday.com, including marketing development funds, opportunities for participation in monday-led events, speaking engagements, and assistance with client case studies, enriching our partnership experience.

However, attaining monday.com Silver Marketplace Partner status requires meeting rigorous requirements outlined in the monday.com Partner Program, including:

1. Monetized App: Offering a monetized by Monday application within the monday.com App Marketplace.

2. Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) Maintaining a swift response time of less than 48 hours to ensure prompt support for users.

3. Minimum Marketplace Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Achieving a minimum annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $75,000 from native monetization on the monday.com platform.

4. Apps Rating: Ensuring an app rating of 4+ to guarantee quality and reliability.

5. Security Questionnaire: Completing the security questionnaire to meet security standards and ensure user trust.

As an official monday.com Silver App Marketplace Partner, Alpha Serve benefits from enhanced recognition, solidifying our position as an industry leader within the monday.com community and beyond. First, we gain access to premium support resources, ensuring client operational assistance and collaboration opportunities with the monday.com team. This partnership also opens doors to collaborate with other esteemed monday.com App Marketplace partners, promoting innovation and broadening capabilities to supply competitive value to our clients.

Unlock the potential of advanced reporting and analytics with Alpha Serve's solutions, offering monday.com users the tools to streamline operations, drive growth, and thrive. Discover our suite of apps, including the Power BI Connector for monday.com and Tableau Connector for monday.com, found exclusively in the monday.com App Marketplace. Thank you for being part of our monday.com partnership journey.

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