Building your dedicated R&D team in Ukraine for quick development launch

Easily set up your remote Research & Development Team. You manage the team and handle the development process directly, and Alpha Serve will take care of the rest

Alpha Serve can assure you a comfortable and diligent set up of your R&D team in Ukraine, as we combine 15-years of professional experience as a software development company with deep knowledge of Atlassian application development being a marketplace vendor.

We take care of all setup activities based on your requirements. We will search and select the best candidates for you, test their competence, handle employment procedures and organize a comfortable setup in our office. You will manage your project team directly and have full control.

This is the best option for the companies which:

Want to have flexibility in the development process
Prefer to focus on the product management or marketing and don't want to manage the team setup activities
Don't have a full product development plan at the MVP stage and would like to start in sprints to test ideas
Are eager to strengthen their current team that lacks expertise on flexible terms
Require additional development or quality assurance resources to succeed in their current project
Are Atlassian solution partners focused on integration consulting but need custom development to satisfy their client
What's the Process?
Together with the client we approve team requirements in terms of line-up, competence and terms of engagement. At this stage the approximate budget for the future team is also reviewed.
We launch proven internal recruitment processes and provide the client a short-list of candidates. We make our recommendations, with the final decision made by the client.
We sign a service contract and NDA. Conditions can be flexible including further team employment by the client.
We settle a dedicated team in our office to start work directly on the full process of product development (including quality assurance, testing and implementation control).
Client handles the project management process directly, sets up sprints/tasks/issues and maintains full control of team management.

Benefits of a Remote R&D Team from Alpha Serve

Professional recruitment services will guarantee the employment of a team fully suitable to your needs
Comfortable working environment in our office
Competent support from our own team
Proven flexibility in terms
Quick start of development
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