Enjoy effective and high-end support for your Atlassian products

Optimize your support functions and ensure high service level with Alpha Serve Support Team

Many companies prefer managed services as they have benefits that can be crucial. A high-quality managed support can help your business not only to reduce risks, increase the effectiveness of your business processes and have predictable spending, but what is more important to get proactive solutions and access to the leaking competence.

Having a professional partner for managed support will let you focus on your core business and stay calm on the system security and reliability.

With managed support from Alpha Serve you get highly trained engineers who are ready to diagnose and solve issues in your particular environment. Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing sessions with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.
This is the best option for the companies which
Prefer to outsource non-core business processes
Do not need a dedicated full-time team member due to rare support requests
Have a dispersed remote team in different locations and need remote support in several locations
Are not eager to invest in Atlassian certification of their own staff for certain reasons
Do not have Atlassian certified specialists to solve current issues in their IT support team

How Can We Help Your Business?

Managed support at a monthly rate
Your company pays a fixed monthly fee which is calculated transparently based on your workload and complexity. There are no limits in the number or type of service requests/working hours
Dedicated support team
We settle a dedicated team of senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to better help your company solve complex environments and mission critical needs. It ensures a high quality support for companies with a high workload.
On-site support
You get specialist on site for contracted monthly amount of hours or days to solve all accumulated issues.
How it Works
We identify your business needs in terms of number of users, system, integrations, hardware etc.
We perform health checks and perform best practice analysis. We consult you on the possible solutions to best satisfy your needs in managed support.
We allocate the needed amount of resources, integrate them into your business activity to assure their full awareness. Our team records your hardware, software, network, and configuration details to ensure we have your detailed environment information on hand.
You receive full information about all the details necessary to engage with our team, including instructions, troubleshooting guidelines, best-practices, and steps to help expedite ticket triage and resolution. A dedicated team starts solving your support issues without any assistance from your side.