Maximize your Atlassian experience with Alpha Serve consulting services

Support your project management software with a professional Solution Partner

Though it is believed that Atlassian products are mainly used by IT companies, having different solutions in the portfolio they are now more and more applied to any industry. Nowadays projects are the basis of progress, and all projects in any business are run by teams.

When business surroundings are turbulent, it's requisite for your company to have reliable platform that accommodates all your projects, tasks, documents and business activities. In this case you can allocate all projects based on the strategic objectives of your company.

Having a big picture view enables easier vision of final destinations for your business or startup. You can efficiently plan necessary investments taking into account all probable risks. You can foresee the overload picks for teams and other resources. Moreover, you can get control over your teams and their performance.

A good project management software becomes your alter ego in the administration of all essential business processes in your company. It is targeted at reaching corporate strategic objectives.
This is the best option for the companies which
Are ready to integrate effective management software to improve business performance
Require a complex integrated solution to combine different business software
Are not sure what solution will suit their needs most
Are not satisfied with implemented software performance and require additional tuning to get the most out of it
Run outdated Atlassian software version, which cannot be upgraded

How Can We Help Your Business?

As an experienced Atlassian solution partner we can offer audit of your current system or solutions. We can define the possible ways of further update or installations. We are able to evaluate the readiness of your business processes and hardware to the desired changes. We are eager to provide the full information on the opportunities and threats for you to take the best business decision
We ensure not only integration of Atlassian products, but also their stable work with other software (CRMs, ERPs, business intelligence tools, email clients, corporate messengers, etc
We carefully check all your data sources, prepare a smooth integration in order not to lose important data and prevent crucial interruption of business activity
What's the Process?
We identify your business needs or define business requests
We consult you on the possible options for your need and simulate different scenarios to show you a big picture view
We install, migrate, integrate or tune your Atlassian solutions to adapt it your current business processes
We support you during the whole Atlassian journey